Wednesday July 8th 2015. Jakkvikk 25 km


Pieljekaise cabin

Interview voor samenradio

Interview for  Samen radio


Han together with Samen radio – interviewer Mariek Blind, just like football player Blind

Mariek Blind van samenradio met Han


Met samenradio- interviewster Mariek Blind, net als de voetballer Blind

We passen ons aan aan Lapland
We adapt to Lapland




De agressieve pijlstaartvogel van de hoogvlakten van Lapland

The agressive arrow tail bird that is typical for the Lapland fjall

It’s getting late, so just briefly. I had a few busy hours downloading pictures on the blogs of the past few days. With, among others as a result the pictures from Tuesday were accidentally published on Monday. Oh, in the land of the blind one-eyed is king.

 Yesterday we arrived at half past four in such a village shop where you can get everything except wifi.
We leave this morning from a nice house, though without water. Shower, toilet and water are in a separate building, but with heating.
Halfway through the day we pause in a cabin, Pieljekaise, if I remember correctly. I use as pons asinorum (mnemonic) the word kaiser-Pielke (In Dutch: Kings dick) and so I can remember it a bit. Two men were working outside. They had a break for lunch. Han told a lady from the radio, who was interviewing the two Samen workers, about our and my trip. With the result that she immediately turned to me and told me that she already had heard in her village Jäkkvik, that a Dutchman with a dog was on his way from Spain to Cape North. Mariek Blind is her name and she was presenter of the Samen radio.  Whether she could interview me. Go ahead. The first time that I am face to face with a real Samen woman. I may not say so, but I associate the word Samen with the same German word, meaning “seed”. Yeah, it’s hard always trying to do the right thing? And so  we had fun again. Han and I start feeling genuine Samen. See pictures of us with antlers.
Yesterday the battery of my camera was empty, even though I had charged  it. I didn’t have the adapter for the USB stick. All those darn electronic bauble. So the pictures taken by Han are not in the synchronic line with the event where they belong to. Oh, who cares?

Weer zo'n Laps gedrocht

Another Lapland monster

Interview met Mariek Blind van Samenradio

Interview with Mariek Blind of Samen radio

Even drinken bij een plek, waar een helikopter vissers afzet

A drink at a place where a helicopter drops fishermen

Han gaat ook zijn flesje vullen

Han also refills his bottle



Unscathed we arrive in Jäkkvik, where we  find a place with really everything in Kyrkans Fjällgård for half the usual price. While I work at my blog, Han dives into the sauna. There he meets a young German, originally from Bonn and therefore, as Reinländer closely related to us living at the Dutch side of the German-Dutch border. He also goes to Cape North. As Han and my ways will split tomorrow, Han must return to duty, I’m afraid of getting lost. So I knock on the sauna door. The German is in the shower while I try to speak with him, if we can help each other. We agree to hit the road together tomorrow and then we’ll see. On verra. Whether I have wifi the next few days is uncertain.

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