Wednesday July 22nd 2015. From Abisko to Lappjord cabin 26 km


Lappjordhut na 9 km. afzien met 25 kilo op mijn bochel

Lappjord cabin after 9 streneous km. carrying 25 kilo 

Eindelijk rust. Waar zijn de drie die voor mij zijn aangekomen? Wassen in de beek? Geen foto van.

Finally rest. Where are those 3 whose luggage I find on the beds? Washing in the river? No picture.


Mooie bloemenveldjes met veel orchideeënNice fields with flowers. Many orchids.

Bloemen, mooi zonlicht in water. Komt op foto niet zo mooi uit als in het echt

Many flowers, nice reflection of the sun in the water. In reality much nicer than on a picture.
Moerasorchis? orchis

All right. At 2 o’clock we arrived at the Lappjord cabin. A comfortable wooden cabin, with a stove for burning wood, which is not necessary because everything is dry. Getting water with a bucket from the stream. In the cabin is a gas stove with a bottle of gas. In this cabin are two bedrooms. In one bedroom lies other people’s stuff. Perhaps cozy again, if they return from their daywalk tonight.Tosca and I were very tired, ate something and fell asleep for two hours. When I woke up at about four, the three walkers just came in: a young man with two young ladies. In this cabin it is forbidden for dogs, he said. For this purpose, the other cabin was meant, I was told. I had looked through the window in that neighboring cabin, 50m. away, and I had thought it was a wood storage. Did not look very appealing. OK. Rule is a rule. I moved my stuff walking three times up and down from one cabin to the other. Right at the moment that I got at the cabin of the three persons for the third time, the man and one of his girlfriends entered all naked, holding, for the show, a small towel in front of their waists. They had washed themselves in the brook.
I could of course have offered that other young lady to hold a towel in front of her waist, because probably she was not clean yet. But I did not want my doggy Tosca to be jealous.
And tomorrow? 25-28 km. to go. Depending on which guide is consulted. Oh schreck, lass nach! Those 9 km. today already were a crime. Stay positive. After eating and resting it’ll be better again. Could I have dinner here at 5 o’clock, because now I have gas and boilers in the cabin, and then continue walking for a few hours? Then I’ll have to sleep in the tight tent with Tosca, which means sleeping bad. It’s also the question of finding a good tent place: flat, out of the wind, near water, preferably soft surface. In that case I will not have to go so far tomorrow, though I will be less recovered. . Well, what is wisdom? I can also stay here in the cabin and possibly cut tomorrow’s long stage in two. But then I’ll have to use the tent tomorrow evening. In that case the weekroute lasts 1 day longer, but now I have a lot of luggage, I can walk shorter stages and if luggage (food and feed) gets less, I can still do a few double stages if at least I have anough food. So you see, this surviveling is different from cozy day trips on a holiday. I feel this trip like surviveling, at least for someone of my age. Those “real” survivors do so for one or two weeks. Yes, I can do that too. They just tune in on their own body fat, have a few cold nights and then back to the delicious familiar luxury home. Do not complain man, this is a wooow !! Not fun, fun really is  the good word, but wooow! Come on, do not waste your time. 5.37 pm. preparing dinner.




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