Wednesday July 1st 2015. Viterskale-Fjällstuga 12 km..

Viterskalet Fjällstuga ( berghut)

Viterskalet Fjällstuga (mountain cabin)



Shower room

Douche close up

Shower close up

Tosca ophalen in restaurant Sybilla waar hondenoppas David werkzaam is

Picking up Tosca in restaurant Sybilla where David works, who took care for Tosca

Vaak natte, spekgladde planken, waar Tosca me overhoop trekt

Often slippery wet boards, where Tosca pulls me over

Bevroren bergmeertjes

Frozen lakes July 1st

This morning, after a short tour of Hemavan, changing money, buying food, picking up Tosca at restaurant Sibylla, where keeper David works, geht's los, on Kungsleden, the King's Road, into the fjäll (Swedish for mountains). The first hours it was sunny and warm. So many mosquitoes. After the first bites I put a mosquito net around my head. Han only used a mosquito lotion. I felt like a veiled person. That reminded me of the following incident:
 A couple got married. After the wedding ceremony the man asked the cleric  how much the ceremony cost. The latter replied: pay as much as you think your bride is beautiful. The groom paid two euros. The priest pushed aside her veil and gave back one euro.
 I hope I'm worth an extra euro with the net on my head.
 After our morning break, where we had breakfast and enjoyed a beautiful view of green valleys with countless waters, forests and mountains covered with snow, the wind was colder, the sun was away and most of the time we had to slog through snowfields in which one sometimes sank with whole your leg. Half lying the backpack pulled you to one side and with the other leg you had to push up hundred kilos. Real body building. Here and there a herd of reindeer. Tosca thought it was great, ran full speed down the sloping snowfields to let herself slide down on her back at full speed. Just before we reached the cabin a drizzling rain started. We were the only ones again. The innkeeper came with coffee and nuts storytelling. Thus, inter alia, that there is no electricity, no light, but that is not necessary, because it remains light throughout the night. No running water. This must be gotten with a bucket outside from the well. The well is located at the bottom of a hole, which is 2 meters deep in the snow. We must light the fire to dry our stuff, but first we have to saw the wood outside ourselves and also split it with an ax. At the stovepipe running along a ceiling is hanging a bucket. The bucket we can fill with water. That water slowly gets warm by the stove pipe. At the bottom of the bucket is a tap with a plastic tube and that we can use as a shower. That prevents showering together.
Besides, according to Han mosquitoes stay away from people's sweat. We found that a good argument to leave the shower to the few who arrived after us in the cabin. Those apparently had similar arguments not to use the shower. Han made a superb pan penne with tomato pasta. From a Swedish neighbor we each got a slice of sausage, which completed our delightful meal. The toilet is such a cottage with a wooden board with a hole in it. If you insist on sitting with the door open, you have a splendid view over the valley, with a little luck, including reindeer. Under and around the hudo lemmings scurry in search of a snack. Today's highlights? Everything. There were no lows. We plan the next ten days, blog writing, some reading and then going to bed, because there is nothing to dance, no TV, no bird cock, only an ax and a saw.

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