Wednesday January 7th 2015 Still Thiviers, estate : ” Le Bost”, Rest day

Boys and girls, shit happens, miracles too! I’m sitting here like a prince in the cushions, at Henrietta and Menno Westra’s and their three lovely children aged 9 to 12 j. Address 24800 Thiviers, which is still in la douce France, of course. They are so kind to give me two days of shelter and care on their beautiful estate. Last night we chatted a lot during and after dinner with coffee and “digestives” after. Obviously, I overslept this morning. For the first time in three months I slept until 8:30. Henriette, known as Jet and Menno Westra exchanged about 6 years ago their catering facility in The Hague (Nl) for a large estate “le Bost” in Thiviers, just to the south of Limoges, in the South of France. They started running apartments and cottages. Menno did the cooking for the guests. And very tasty, I can assure you from rich experience. Recently, she received a certificate from the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that they have been designated as one of the 25 best gites in France. I am very enthusiastic and make some advertising for them. I also find it inspiring to see how people have the guts to change tactics when necessary and then with hard work and perseverance, confidence and positivity make something beautiful out of it. I like that. Their website is and info @ domaine-lebost tel.0033 – (0) 553 629 369 or mobile 0033 (0), a nice vacation possibility in a region, of which I think: why did I never explore this region before?
Tosca is in my apartment at the bottom of the stairs on a blanket. To be sure she wouldn’t destroy anything I tied her. Leon has good food in the field. The big things today were firstly that Mignons parents- in-law will visit me here. Years ago Mignon worked in my medical office for one year as an intern. Her parents-in-law live 60 km. from here. They are avid hikers, inter alia, on the Chemin St Jacques, the Santiago Route. Gonnie, Mignon’s mother in law, wants to join me walking tomorrow. Very nice. That inspires and encourages to go on on my way.                                                                          2Nd very good thing today is that my hostess had arranged that today a blacksmith came for Leon. See pictures. It seems that Leon can not wait to get started again, because while riding with daughter Lotte on his back Leon walked again like a lapwing. That means either shorter walking days, or more kms. per day. Perfect. Thank you Jet. She is almost too good for this world. The remaining hours of the day are spent on planning the rest of the week.
For those interested the following schedule:
Thursday 8 Jan. La Coquille, normal shelter
Friday 9 Jan. Flavignac, no shelter yet. If I do not find shelter, I walk on to the Abbey of Savignac, hoping to spend the night there.
Saturday Solignac or Feytiat, no stay overnight yet.
Sunday St Just le Martel, no shelter yet.
Monday Ambazac, shelter according to my colleague in office Marietje, but not yet finally agreed, because it is too far ahead.
Tuesday Chatelus le Marcheix to settle yet.
Well, this rest day along with the cosiness of the visit, the nice contact with the family and children, has given me the kick that I needed. And nice people, kindness is still a huge incentive. Farce Majeur, sang in a TV show when I was young “be kind to each other (aa)”, but that little effort does a lot of good. So all you serious, resolute people with influence and authority, be resolute but in a friendly manner . I enjoy that.

 My Joep playing with 2 labradoodles

Hoefsmid en fam. WestraFarrier and fam. Westra

Lotte, verwoed amazoneLotte, avid amazone

Gastvrouw Jet en dochter Lotte bij LeonHostess Jet and daughter Lotte with Leon


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