Wednesday January 21st 2015. Lurcy-Levis. 28 km

It’s getting late, so I will be brief. Tonight frost. After the cheap breakfast I immediately went to the baker’s to fill my stomach. Next thing to do was pnning money and on the move. Nice weather, even pleasant around noon. Partly I followed the regular small roads, partly the Santiago itinerary. The latter one may be pleasant in summer, but I took a picture of what it looks like in winter: mud, plowed by tractor tracks etc. Along the road I met no major dangers except a group of impressive Charolais bulls (picture), that Tosca loved to hassle. I wouldn’t mind a quick coffee. So we had a short stop at Ainay-Le-Chateau.
Early, at 4 pm. I arrived at Lurcy-Levis. After asking a few times for my chambres d’hotes, I still knew nothing. How about the street? Nobody ever heard of. Then a telephone call to Brigitte who expected me. My party line wasn’t Brigitte and had stopped renting 2 years ago. Well holy sh.. A couple young parents, who were demonstrating my Leon to their offspring, advised me to go ask for help in the town hall, right across the street. Good idea. Oh, Brigitte, yes of course, was the immediate reaction of the lady at the desk. Oh boy, good luck! After 15 minutes I was there. A good place for my animals. Whether I wanted to share diner with them. Yes please, but I eat much like a wolf. First Brigitte and I went shopping with her car with in the rear her enormous Berner Sennen dog. So Brigitte, her friend Patrick and I had a nice diner. Patrick adviced me wine in the soup. In his region, Auvergne, that wine soupe is called chabrot. Brigitte thought the wine would not add to the taste of the soupe. You 2 just argue, I thought, but I eat. The wine worked and we had a pleasant meal. The soup was almost stiff of vermicelli. And of course also now I had made a preparation by eating a loaf of bread with cheese before as antipasta, in my room. Now I ‘ll last till tomorrow. This evening I managed to plan the day after tomorrows shelter: Friday. Still booking for Saterday night to go, when wife Sonja and her girlfriend Brigitte will join me. Tomorrow another day another dollar. Ca va bien, oladeladio.

Ainay- le- Chateau

Short break  image landlady Brigitte landlady Brigitte [/ caption] Landlady Brigitte and friend Patrick Hospitalier Brigitte and friend Patrick [/ caption]  Ainay- members Chateau Ainay- members Chateau [/ caption].
caption id = “attachment_100039” align = “align none” width = “300”] charolais bull we had along charolais bull we had to pass [/ caption]  Saint Jacques muddy adventure muddy Saint Jacques trail [/ caption]  image

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