Wednesday August 19th 2015. 90 km. by bus from camping Alta Strand to Skaidi.

Borden op Strand Camping Alta

Signs at Strand Camping Alta.

Dag hut van Alta Strand Camping

Goodbye cabin at Alta Strand Camping.

Dag Kroaat van Alta Strand CampingGoodbye Croatian at Alta Strand Camping.



Eindelijk Skaida, einddoel van deze dag Finally Skaida, today’s final station.

Repparfjord Ungdomssenter Camping bij Skaidi Repparfjord Ungdomssenter Camping at Skaidi.

In de verte mijn hut In the rear my cabin.

Ontmoeting met hier Paulette en niet in beeld Rudi Meeting Paulette en Rudi (Rudi not in the picture).

Before I leave this morning, the Croatian man at the reception of the campsite comes to say good bye. Photo. Good luck in the future with your walnut plantation, I wish him and … on the road again.
Because I can’t find any campsites on google between Alta and Skaidi (90 km4.), I’ve traveled 90 km. by bus. Although I walked the first 7 km.from the campsite to the bus station in Alta center. In Skaidi I got out of the bus and walked 4.5 km. into the direction of Hammerfest, until the Skaidi campsite … So all together I trotted about 11 km. today.
The cheapest cabin at Skaida was good enough for me and I booked right away for two days. Then I can walk back southward 20 km. or more without back pack, hoping Rudi and Paulette will pick me up tomorrow when they are heading North to the Skaida camp site. Of the 90 km. Alta-Skaidi I have walked 11 km today. If I add those 11 km to the 20 or 30 km. that I want to cover tomorrow, then that’ll reduce my smuggling back from 90 to about 50 km. On the other hand, by walking North through Norway I had to walk a few hundred kilometres more compared to a route through Sweden. In addition, on the way back with Rudi and Paulette, maybe I can walk a lot more every day to “train” and then the smuggled mileage will soon be compensated enough. So an argument to cheat is easily found.

Beautiful, vast, rolling plains, where nothing grows higher than a few decimeters. Intensively used for reindeer husbandry. I hardly see reindeer. Only one. Blue berries all over. I am picking some, to make up for my possible shortage of nutrients. Can never be wrong. Although. Didn’t that American goof of Into the Wild die on his survival trip in Alaska: he ate the wrong berries. And yes, one dies only once and if it happens with blueberries then it might even be a nice ending. What’s better than a good end? Ha, ha. I hope I’m not yet approaching my end.
What an endless space. Blue sky, silence, cool wind. Very nice. But also very tiring. As mentioned earlier:
Not so tiring for the legs or feet. These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they do, one of these days these boots are gonna … etc. No, about every mile I have to stop, support my hands on my knees to get rid of that painfull weight of that backpack and that makes walking less pleasant.
I am going to the Repparfjord Youth Campsite. My spaghetti pie in the microwave. The microwave is on, but does not heat. I tried another program but the thing doesn’t work. Then, simply the entire spaghetti pie into the oven. While warming up, the deus ex machina comes: a text message: here Rudi, where are you, Harrie? We are at Repparfjord Ungdomssenter Camping. I sms back: You never guess where I am. I will let you know within 30 minutes. I first wanted to finish my food before I was going to tell them I was at the same camp, in order to be able after my meal to give Paulette and Rudi all the attention without having to think about the spaghetti oven.
That’s what I did. We catch up,  what to do tomorrow and after we expressed our wishes and expectations for the next couple of weeks I finally leave them alone so they can cook diner. The hungry waiting and chatting with me anables them to also feel a little bit what I often had to endure. I hope to continue with less weight and therefore less pain in my breasts. The more reason for “Freud”.

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