Wednesday April 29th 2015. Hals Strand camping 20 km

Nog een laatste blik op mijn koude slaapkist vanochtend A last view at my old coffin   
    imageCrossing Skagerak by ferry     image     image     image
We can do it. Old time picture of women power

image   Tosca specialised in row deer bones                   image      “art” along the way                                                image

Strandcamping Hals   Hals Strand camping   Tosca glimt van gezondheid Tosca’s fur is shining of health 
Blakende Tosca

Damn hard, that floor, a bit too cold during the night. And my lovable mutt, who found it necessary at any mice rustle to jump up from my side, hence pulling away the carefully arranged plate on my sleeping bag, on which of course also she installs herself, coming with her filthy paws, looking for my warmth again after her heroic defensive action.
The only water tap on the camping ground, which came out of the soil through a one meter high pipe, gave either no water, either it squirted out, so I got wet almost all over. Easy if you only want to scrub your snout.
I’m not that
 havy anyway, but because my hips gradually are getting more bony, partly because of my for a youngster somewhat advanced age, sleeping was was not exactly pleasant. Wow, what a tough sentence! Well, all that self inflicted misery is compensated by a night from 9 pm until 8 o’clock in the morning. So off we go today with new power.
I had no wifi, so I could not plan ahead for today. Now, at noon, I had lunch in a of course Turkish restaurant (long live the other foreigners, because I am also one) and with the aid of WiFi I updated yesterday’s blog in the coastal town of Hals. There I had to cross a of corner of the sea, the Langerak, with the ferry.

It was low tide, so I was afraid that I might have to wait again for hours for the high tide to come, but fortunately, all was o.k.. Skipper may I cross, yes or no? (Dutch tradional song). So yes. Tosca is waiting more or less patiently outside the restaurant, occasionally barking at a passer by. She must also get some incentives. So that barking, à la (o.k.)! Continued tonight.
At three o’clock allready I book into a campsite, Lagunen 6 north of Hals. I still could have continued 13 km. to the next camp, but then I’ll arrive too early in Frederikshavn. I’ve agreed with film maker Rudi to be there on Sunday. On Sunday evening I’ll take the night ferry to Oslo Norway. Right after entering my wooden cabin it starts pouring like hell. One gets what one deserves. Ha, ha. I believe that I have not been wet even once in Denmark. Stay modest!
What was that again with the introduction of a dog in Norway, a non-EU country. An official certificate should be stamped by a veterinarian, certifying that the dog has been treated against worms in the last three days. The nearest veterinarian is in Frederikshavn, from where I will get on the ferry. I wanted to arrive there at the weekend, but then the veterinarian will be off duty. Holy …, I’ll have to cover the next three days in two days, in order to reach the vet in Frederikshavn before Friday evening 5 oçlock. I had better walked on to today. Now I’ll have to accept sore feet of walking in order to be in time at the worms specialist. Tomorrow 37 km. Not really funny. Moreover, the ferry turns out to leave early every Sunday morning, at 9.30, instead of Sunday evening. I hope it is worth for filmmaker Rudi, who comes visiting me from the Netherlands on Sunday in Fredrikshavn. So you see, improvising stays necessary, always adjusting the plans. Going to Oslo later is not an option, because then there will be no time left to visit my daughter Marieke, a day’s driving from Oslo, inter alia through the snow. And going later to Marieke isn’t possible, because a few days after visiting Marieke Sonja will join me for a few days along with two friends. Yes, life is hard, he said, and puffed the last spoon of spaghetti into his mouth. It’s already 8:30 pm and I must prepare for the night. First thing tomorrow morning:  trying to make an appointment with the vet, 37 km. away and rain is predicted. But everything goes fine and daddy / grandpa is happy.

Geef uw mening