Wednesday April 22nd 2015 Vejle 30 km.

Eetruimte, nogal stilletjes

Diner room. Rather quiet

Tosca leest waaraan ze zich te houden heeft

Tosca is reading the rules

Ook hier gaan kinderen naar school, net als mijn kleinkinderen                                              Waar leidt deze weg heen?                       Mooi dorp Almind

Here children also go to school, just like my grand schildren             Where is this road going to?                                                   Nice village of Almind

Bank om even te pauzeren naar 3 u. wandelen                                Uitzicht vanaf mijn rustbank                              Mooie route met bloemen

A good bench for a short stop                                                           View from the bench where I stopped for a moment            Nice path with flowers

Mooie boerderijwoning                                Enkele indrukken van mijn route                                Rustige weggetjes door glooiend landschap

Nice farm house                                                                                Some inpressions of my route                                                        Quiet roads in hilly countryside

Mooie flora                            Barst van de bosanemoontjes, lekkere geur

Spring flowers all over                                                                 Little wood anemones, smelling good

Mijn hut                         Nog eens mijn hut

My cabin                                                                                      My cabin once more

Because the weather is clear, the nights are cold. But with all my clothes on my sleeping bag is warm and Tosca settles herself in a way that I benefit much of her stove. It is, of course cold, when in the morning I leave my castle, everything a bit damp from condensation in the tent. But because I come into action, I also keep warm. I make sure to get my shot of caffeine in coffee. Tosca seems to learn: pulls much less, follows well on the leash. Doesn’t dash any moment across the street any more, barks less often and can be left alone more hours and keeps quiet in the tent. Along the way she ate a pig bone including the marrow, so really healthy. Only running, screaming kids and balls excite her very much, which can be tricky, because it looks like aggression, while she is very sweet to people and to other dogs.
It is been 12 am. I’m sitting in the shade on a bench resting a while. Except my order this morning at the deli, I didn’t speak with anybody, but that is is also nice and quiet. Yesterday I ordered some advertising material with the name Mama Alice, for my backpack and hat. That gives my journey maybe a bit more character. Anyway the pictures.
It strikes me that I do not see any deer in Denmark while in N-Germany I spotted them daily. Is Germany the original country of this animal? Probably another hunting policy.
It was one of the most beautiful hiking days in the last week: perfect weather, rolled up sleeves , beautiful scenery, undulating countryside, Tosca got a lot of freedom, found a bone, twice a glove and several times a stick or another trophy. Plenty of water to “begaaien” (make dirty) itself. The animal needs stuff to dream of at night. I did a little filming during the lunch break. Again nobody talked to today.

Only after 6 pm I arrived at city camping Vejle. The name resembles Vijlen, my village, so I have to feel at home here. As in so many places, the front desk was closed here. Not a problem for me. I just put up the tent and I’ll pay tomorrow. But some possible servant of the camping told me to  wait 45 min. and everything would be o.k. I asked for a cabin. Much more expensive than a tent, she said, but there are two empty cabins because they need a paint job. I hope they do not start tonight, otherwise I might get body painted and I want to decide about that myself,  right? In about 45 min. I’ll apply for such a cabin, I decided, because it is much stronger and wider than a tent. Can I write my blog in the meantime.
Free wifi and finally without login code. But for the shower one has to pay with coins. One can not always get the best place at the lowest price. Of course also hardly any guests. A few campers and c’est ca. A Burger King at about 800 m. And tomorrow morning a bakery nearby. Good prospects.
me now is 7:30 pm. The boss has arrived. No, no, this cabin is completely empty, no bed, no furniture, and I can not offer it to you. Some tussling and I got it for the price of a tent: 12E inc Free showers and wifi and electricity.. But don’t tell anybody, though, he said. Lachaïm.




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