Wednesday April 15th 2015. Schleswig. 31 km

Schloss Insel Schleswich

Schloss Insel Schleswig

Wil je met me wandelen?

Willst du mit mir wandern (do you want to walk with me?

Tosca vindt een zak weggeworpen brood.

Tosca finds a thrown away bag with bread


Impression of the landscape

Tosca vindt weer een reeënkadaver. Zeg niet dat die hond het slecht heeft.

Tosca finds another rotting roe deer. Don’t say that dog has a bad time.

De honderden jaren gebruikte ossenweg

The Ochsenweg, being used for centuries

Uitleg langs de route

explanations along the trail

Voor de geïnteresseerden

for those who are interested

Doet denken aan de oude transhumance-routes in Spanje

rest- or camping sites at the Ochsenweg. Reminds me of the old transhumance routes in Spain

Mooie plek voor middagpauze. Ook voor overnachten?

Babbeltje met Duitser, die mij vertelt over zijn Noorwegenreizen

Chat with a Dane who told me about his Norway trips with his truck

De voortzetting in Denemarken van de Duitse Ochsenweg, wordt in Denemarken Heerweg genoemd en valt samen met Santiagoroute

While in Germany the trail is calle the Ochsenweg, in Denmark the trail is called the Heerweg and nowadays is used as the pilgrims way to Santiago


Uitleg over oude bosbouw

Explanation about the old way of foresting

In Spanje, Frankrijk en Duitsland zie ik veel meer gebruik van zonne-energie

In Spain, France and in Germany I see much more use of solar energy than in the Nl

warmte van Gistende mest gebruikt voor opwekking van energie. Waarom niet in Ned.?

The heat of fermenting poop being used for energy. Why not in the Nl?

Rhunetekens. Schrift van de Vikingen

Viking “Rhune”-writing on Skarthi-stone from the year 900


Uitleg over rhuneschrift

Explanation about Rhune writing

Volgens collega Marietje van Wurst naar Knäckebröt. En ze heeft wéér gelijk

Gratis koffie in tankstation

Free coffee in gas stationAccording to collegue Marietje from German Wurst to Danish Knackebrot. And she is right again.

Slept well. Tosca next to me (on the floor) in the room. When I come back to the room after cleaning myself, the monster has taken my food out of the backpack: cheese, sausage swallowed half. I could still save the other half out of her mouth. Probably the saveloy now got a roe deer flavor. Last night I told the landlady here that this morning I would not have breakfast. On the scales during my trip I weigh a couple of kilos less than at home, but that can also be due to the scale? Well, right now I don’t have much left to eat but some bread and a rest saveloy. Maybe this morning I can get a breakfast or coffee in the city, or somewhere along the way. So, now lets’s leave, 8.15.
It is good walking weather: cloudy, but a pretty hard, chilly wind. For a long time I walked along bike paths next to a busy road. Not really great. However, the second half of the 30 km. I could release Tosca. I walked the Ochsenweg. At quite a few places were information boards about its history. See pictures. Hundreds of years there was a spring migration of up to 50,000 oxen of the current Denmark to German Hamburg. The oxes were usually quite emaciated by the long journey. The supervisors, usually 4 per 50-1000 oxen, often barefoot, walked along. Where slept those people? Where did they leave the oxes overnight? Barbed wire did not exist. Did they keep taking turns watching? How they kept the animals separated from other groups? It’s not on the information boards. These types of questions occur to me,  though I mostly am concerned about walking, eating, looking after myself, horse and dog, protection against the weather. Interesting.
Along the way I bought chocolate as bread topping for the afternoon and I had a coffee. The service station manager liked my trip so much, that I got the coffee for free. Photo. Along the route were lovely picnic huts, which could have been used, in good weather, as a stopover service for the night. Photo. At the Ochsenweg I passed a group of huskies that were harnessed to a cart. I was aked to  please pass them with a very wide berth because of Tosca. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. A break next to an ox-like man, who told me a lot about his trips to Norway before his retirement. Photo. We passed a jet airport, possibly military. Impressive, with jets going up and down, right over my head, but with a deafening noise. Already picture. On the way we took a picture of a stone with rhune signs, according to the information board a rudimentary kind of writing, among others used by the Normans/Vikings around the year 800. I had never seen. See picture.
And now I just sit back in a hostel in Schleswich. There seems to be another Dutchman here, but I have not seen him yet. No one else. Because of Tosca, I got a room in an outbuilding, because in the inn sind keine Hunde gestattet (no dogs allowed). It is already 7 pm. I have to finish this blog quickly, because I got only a few hours internet and only at the main hall, while the desk keeper wants to leave soon. Though I can stay here working at my ipad , I still have to walk to the center to find yammie yammie. And Tosca still has to get food. She’s in my room to recover from the long day. Now it’s almost my turn. Tomorrow to Flensburg, Flensbed Hostel & Boarding house for backpackers in Bahnhofstr .: 32 km. Tosca also welcome. Tomorrow, Friday, I’m going to cross the Danish border. Hope that Danes speak some English.
I owe you a little explanation about why I always make selfies. Firstly, as an indication that I make the trip indeed myself. One can get photo’s anywhere and put those on the blog, but not me! And a selfie is faster than always posing in front of the self-timer. However, I must always ensure that I don’t have contra-light, so usually I look at the sun. Therefore my slit eyes. Though my eyes, I believe, are not such big, round, bright blue phares anyway. Who gives a damn.

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