Wednesday Nov. 5th 2014 Valdesalor 11,3 km.


Bocadillo?, typical for this region

My room mate got up early morning, here at 7 o’clock. Since I had forgotten my food in the refrigerator yesterday morning, I’ll have to wait until 9.30 am. before any store here opens. So that leaves me some time to write and at 8 am., when the sun rises, I’ll take a few pictures. Today’s trip is not  super long, so there is time anough. For the first time I made coffee with an ingenious filtering system that I received from daughter in law Danya. Tastes fine.


I ‘m still thinking about the cafetaria for pensionados last night. Four tables, of which 3 with elderly card players, one with the Spanish pilgrim, who shares the albergue with me and Tosca and I am sitting at the bar. I took a good look at the scene: an 80 + -er mumbles something like bad luck today. Uh ?, asks the one sitting in front of him. Shit man. Hm! Often the elderly complain about the lack of communication among young people because they play forever with those mobile phones. In the old times it really was not that much different. I remember a lady in the Wilhelminastraat in Epen. Once in a while I dropped in at our 100-year-old Ms. S-blessed. Often I alse found there Wieske “Sjuppesj” blessed, some mrs. V. blessed from the Julianastraat and another lady, of whom I do not know the name, probably also late. Then they still were alive of course. When the dwarf lovebird parrot at Ms. S. in the Julianastraat died, they could not abandon him and he was stuffed and placed on a shelf above the fire place. Later, her husband died … They played cards for a penny per stroke. They also were silent. Is communication so different now? And when I tell you that I – at my 30-th as a young lad –  joined the gentlemen’s club in Gulpen (now I am no longer a member of it), I was really bummed, because those old-50s there were always playing bridge and not a single word was spoken. I always refused to learn playing bridge, I smother it, because my mother in law played bridge fanatically and I did not want to be always claimed to participate. I came there to “communicate” with my future one and not to sit and silently play bridge. That much about communication. And while I have spare time, just another coffee of Danya’s, I want to say a little more about language.
For quite some years I had riding lessons from Egid. Kyra was my mare horse and at times she she had bad days. Hit his balls, Egid used to say. Kyra has no balls, I answered. This has nothing to do with balls, said Egid. And once while visiting a friend a young aunt  there said to her nephew: if you don’t listen I’ ll kick your nuts. Maybe not delicate but for sure very expressive. That’s why I love flamenco , because of its powerful expression.

 sick cow, probably dying

And here outside the albergue, at the end of the village, a cow lies on the road, only skin and knuckles. Unable to get up, a lot of faeces (shit) behind. Next to her a bucket of water and a grab food. See picture. Thus the bovine die here. If I treat my sheep that way every passer-by will complain and the animal cops will be after me. What else can one do? Should I bring over my sick sheep / cow to the First Aid? That’s what I like in this tour. Walk with  both feet on the earth. No frills, but reality. Back to basics. Clear language. If you’re hungry a crust of bread and an egg taste great and nothing is better than water (and beer). I can also visit Spain in a Jaguar visiting Paradors, see Roman ruins, treating myself to sherry and cotelas, and thus passing by on what I experience as real life: tapas in a court for pensionados, sitting at the bar while no one is watching the ever blasting, immense TV, occupied with playing cards, while in Malmoe FC. Madrid plays against Liverpool in the Champions League. Back to basics!

Geef uw mening