1 july 2014

Pony Luka doesn’t show any signs any more of laminitis. A couple days ago he escaped from his meadow, probably ’cause he has very little to eat. We found him back several km. away. Not too good for his laminitis. My website is ready too. Last week the regional tv broadcasted the plans about my trip. Mostly Sonja was starring. Today the regional paper made an interview and made pictures. It’ll be edited next weekend, when we’ll be in Canada, to spend there e few weeks in the homeland of daughter in law Danya, son Miel and grandchild Sienna. The last few days were hectic, making arrangements for my work, for my 70 sheep, 8 cows, pony, dog, vacation houses, vineyard etc. But it seems all te work out. So next blog may take a while. Good night.