Tuesday May 5th 2015. Dutch liberation day and last day in Saeby (Dk)

Even droog. Avondwandelingetje met Tosca. Kom daar Paulette tegen  It stopped raining for a moment/ Walking Tosca I meet Paulette Dit bleek geen pizza en nog verbrand ook. 2x pech. Min maal min is plus. Positief denken. This proved out to be no pizza and it also got burnt.
                                                                              Minus multiplied by minus makes plus: positive thinking

 Scheisse ist das Wetter! Rain, wind The temerature is mild, but that doesn’t help much if it’s pouring. That’s not so bad, because today still is a day for resting and organizing. For this afternoon Rudi planned some shots and during that filming it may rain, otherwise it seems that I only had a jubilee tour across a sunlit wintry Europe. No walking to the sea and beach today, because Tosca makes the whole cabin dirty with her sandy paws. For tomorrow I booked a place in the youth hostal in Oslo , Norway. The reception there, yesterday, said the dog was not allowed; but today there is another person at the front desk, and according to him Tosca can come too tomorrow. But she must remain outside. OK. Often enough we found a solution for Tosca.  In Spain, in a large hostal for pilgrims I met a Dutchman, who had smuggled his tiny dog inside. It was a Chiuwawah, or how do you spell that? The minidog sneaked in his pocket. Like a rabbit. He also sneaked it into his bed, because no one was allowed to see the tiny one. With 30 kilos that would be a little difficult with Tosca. She is also watchful. Would sound strange of course if night barking occurs from under my blanket.  
Grandma had a mini puddle. Grandma’s neighbor boasted with her new little hairless dog, a Chiuwawah. I want my dog to be naked too, says Grandma. Oh, said the neighbor, then you should ask at the drugstore hair removal cream. Grandma asks the chemist: do you have hair removal cream for my chihuahua? Yes, says the chemist. I must warn you that you won’t be able to go bike riding for a few weeks. That’s what I know about chiuwahwa’s.  Rain all day, always with wind and occasional thunderstorm. Yet we now have nothing else to do than filming, interviews, and of course the reason for my journey, and what it does to me and so on. I told it all. I’m curious what will be selected for the film. Next I stroll with Tosca in the rain, buying food, getting a postcard at the camping front desk, to send to the dear collegues at my office in Mechelen. The rest of the day I read on my I-pad about the next 640 km. in Norway, the Olavsway, I prepared the trip from Oslo to daughter Marieke in Skjold, 7 hours by car. And that way I relax well in my cozy cabin.  Similar to the student’s time. In three of the many rooms I then had, consecutively was no water, let alone shower or toilet. Microwave did not exist. And yet I remained healthy until my 64th. So very cozy, this cabin.  Tosca is remarkably quiet with me. And tonight I still have to finish a few cans of beer. What is necessary is necessary!  For supper today I put in the oven near the toilet house the round plastic bag with pizza that I had bought, While in the mean time I made a romantic walk to the beach with my nasty luck (Tosca). The sun was shining again. All in approaching the camp kitchen I already smelled it: wrong! The pizza was not a pizza, but a stack of thin dough cakes. That didn’t matter, but more important was that they were all burnt black. O.K, then just bread and water, the only food I got left. Now I learn what that means. Well, for once it is not that bad (especially if you know that lager, wine and cocktail nuts are waiting for you at Rudi and Paulette’s ).

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