Tuesday March 18 2015. Venray – Gennep. 29 km

After a fun evening catching up with sister- and brother-in-law in Weurt I had a good night sleep. This morning I went by train 50 km back to Venray and there began today’s walk. Beautiful weather, 15 gr., not very windy. Then everything is beautiful. Beautiful undulating heathland with little lakes in between. In Geysteren estate lots of juniper bushes, juniper, which are increasingly rare in the Nl. Beyond Vierlingsbeek the beautiful ” maasheggen” landscape, with alternating sand soil and river clay. In Bergen I liked most the moorland lakes area. Several other Pieterpad hikers come across, but most walkers walk only one or a few days, including two ladies from Twente, whom I immortalized? with the camera. The boat across river Maas at Afferden. There I inserted a small dinner break on a couch at the river bank and kept myself busy with an older gentleman and two older chaps!
By bus from Ottersum to Nijmegen, where I can stay at college friend Cees’ and Leonoor’s. Time to take a shower. At the same time scrubbing the underwear. Bingo! It can not be true! The bag in which my clothes are, has no extra underwear, neither an extra pair of socks, thermo pullover, rain pants, poncho. Did I forget it home or last night in Weurt? Sister and brother in law in Weurt where I stayed last night left this morning on vacation for Schiermonnikoog. Wife Sonja isn’t home. She left for a few days to look after our grandchild in The Hague. So I spend the evening with Cees and Noor without underwear. But the weather forecast is a 50% chance of rain for Sunday. Now I hope that my laundry will be dry tomorrow because “aanders is ‘t Hoeg water in Heugem” ( otherwise water is high in Heugem (formerly the Maastricht village Heugem flooded during high water. the expression is used when one has to pee).
At last I called Sonja in The Hague . So, that bag with clothes is still home. What is cheaper : Sonja going to bring 165 km. by car or by train clothes to Nijmegen , or tomorrow buy it all new here in Nijmegen? Moreover shopping will keep me up again . I can compensate this stop by spending my weekly day off on purchasing new cloths . Because I already am ahead of my schedule , I think I’ll choose for the latter.

[Caption id = “attachment_4564” align = “align none” width = “300”] Slept in Weurt at sister-in-law Marion and brother-in-law Ad's Slept in Weurt at sister-in-law Marion and brother-in-law Ad’s  Another way not to do that would be with bangs Another path would have nothing to do with bangs [/ caption] Two Drenthe wenches on estate Geysteren
 image  Juniper Thickets Juniper Thickets  more juniperus, Geijsteren more juniper, Geijsteren [/ caption]  Monumental chapel Monumental chapel  image Fellow vinologue in Smakt at Jozefkapel Colleague viniculteur in Smakt at Jozefkapel  Crossing Molenbeek south of Vierlingsbeek. Nothing for a horse! Crossing Molenbeek south of Vierlingsbeek. Nothing for a horse! Maasheggen Landscape north of Vierlingsbeek v Maasheggen Landscape north of Vierlingsbeek  ferry over river Maas in Afferden

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