Tuesday March 17 th 2015 Venlo – Venray 35 km.

An email from Jan from Spain told me that the import rules for dogs recently be eased by the Norwegians. Besides despair that gives hope. I have been wondering how I get Tosca back from the Norwegian border to the Netherlands if Tosca is not allowed to enter Norway? And how can Sonja handle two shepherd dogs, the one I have with me, Tosca, and the one Sonja has home, Joep? We know that one can get used to anything, even to a guy, but with two of those whoppers home?
Despite a long search again I couln’t arrange good shelter for tonight. Either closed (eg. many campsites), or only for groups booking, or a voice mail, or high prices, or no animals, or too far from the route. The walking was better than I expected, with luggage. That one blister on my heel didn’t bother me too much. North of Grubbenvorst a beautiful monumental farm, wich were the remains of a castle, ownded by the organisation of Limburgs landschap and rented to tourists by our friends Beaujean.
I was in Geijsteren when I suddenly saw a car passing by with a fellow member of the sheep organisation that I am a member of. Geijsteren would be a good goal for this day. 5 o’clock in the afternoon already. All fine, but he did not see me. So on again. Here, in a meadow at a house in the woods I saw two rams of the same Mergelland sheep race that I keep. I immediately ring the doorbell there, whether she did not know a B & B. The lady turned out to be a colleague, former anaestesiologst in Boxmeer. We had several common acquaintances, among others late dr. Spronk, former internal medicine in Boxmeer. We chatted a while at her door; she called for me to different addresses for the night, without result. Should I continue walking and sleep outside? It was 16 deg. C., beautiful weather. But tonight possibly frost. Also a call from a concerned, involved person from Epen. But eventually I took the train from Venray to Nijmegen, a little more up North, to check in at family’s in Weurt. At the station in Venray a more tanned fellow man from abroad asked me how he could get to The Hague. I was just hurrying to devour my sandwiches, was holding Tosca, my backpack was partially unpacked, was busy calling on the phone with family in Weurt near Nijmegen, when the train came. While I was ringing the train, Tosca in my right hand, the backpack with a handle on my shoulder, phone in my left hand, when entering the train I walked right into the conductress, who wanted to see the ticket of this strange animal tamer. On the phone Marjon in Weurt realized that I was multitasking and stopped the conversation. I went on eating sandwiches, explained the tanned fellow man how he could get to The Hague and discovered that I had left the dog food at the station because of all fuzzing. So my last hams went to Tosca. After arriving at the Nijmegen station we continue by bus to Weurt. First I brought my tanned foreign fellow traveler to the platform for the Hague. Luckily I was able to buy a ticket from the bus driver, because for getting on the train in Venray you had to be properly entered into the electronic age, otherwise you couldn’t get a valid travel document. Tosca was also accepted. Only a fellow passenger told me Tosca had made a few spots of blood on the floor. That’ll take 1-2 weeks again. In Weurt – Nijmegen we had of course a cozy catch up with the family. Tomorrow I’ll first buy bread and dog food. Then we’ll take the train back to Venray and I’ll start my next stage.

Just like in Spain finally images pilgrims like in Spain finally images of pilgrims   refreshments offered against payment for the fair walker House Kaldenbroek north of Grubbenvorst House Kaldenbroek North of Grubbenbroek

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