Tuesday June 2nd 2015. Hostal Ermsgard near Presmoen near Sjtørdal. 24 km

Reclamefoto's voor vakantie in Noorwegen

Advertisement for vacation in Norway: blue sky


Bijna bij café in oude station van Hommelvik

Approaching the cafetarisa in old former Hommelvik train station

Lunchpauze in oud station van Hommelvik

Lunch in old station of Hommelvik

Korte pauze in Hell. We voelen ons echte Hell's Angels, vooral Francien

Short break in Hell. We feel real Hell’s Angels, specially Francien

Binnen in oude station, bruin café

Inside the old station, nice bar

Nog 500 m. naar herberg Ermsgard

500 m. more to go to hostal Ermsgard farm

Aankomst herberg Ermsgard

Arrival at Ermsgard

Francien struikelde over Tosca bij Hell Grill. Ze raakt steeds meer getekend


Last night spaghetti with bread. Francien had her jaw broken 2 w. ago and can not chew. For me that means among other things that I’ll have to eat the half kilo of mixed nuts, that Francien had brough, all alone, which I do not mind. Because we walked only 14 km. yesterday, Tosca was not tired enough. She was under the balcony of our motel, dry but bored, waiting whether in the evening she would be allowed to go inside. After a few hours I gave her a blanket to lie on. Which was quickly ripped apart. For the night I took her inside and she left her blanket in peace. Would she tear the curtains tonight? I tied her up right next to my bed so I could intervene immediately in case of trouble. This morning everything was “comme il faut”. What an easy dog anyway.
A Dutch saying says: dawn has gold in its mouth. That’s for sure, like one can see on all promotional vacation pictures of Norway. 24 Km., Esp. on bike paths along the road, close to the sea. My difficulty factor, girlfriend Tosca, was fairly docile. Probably she thought, if I can be difficult for Harry, I also can for Francien. Tosca ran right in front of Francien, who fell down on her head so that her broken jaw got a new a blow and she got a big bump above her left eye. But like a true Degens (her husband’s name) she quickly got up and continued her journey. So you become unintentionally pilgrim. The path of a pilgrim is not over rozes .  
Early, at 4 am., we reported at our Ersgard farm. We could choose from the pilgrim’s hut, 150 m. further into the jungle, without electricity or water, but with a wood stove, or an apartment with everything along in an outbuilding. We chose the latter. Tosca in a garage overlooking the “plei” (courtyard). That caused a lot of barking at the 4 cats of the landlady.
For the rest no other emergencies today. The usual evening activities: preparing food, blog, route planning, are there shops tomorrow and the day after? So there are not. Do you want to eat the next couple days, then you have to drag that food along. Writing and meanwhile chatting, showering, washing clothes, doing bauseke (sleeping). Tomorrow to Boras, Wednesday to Markabygd, Thursday Munkeby or directly to Stiklestad. Otherwise Friday Stiklestad.

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