Tuesday July 7th 2015. Adolfström 15 km + a few km. by boat



Weer korte pauze

Another short brake



Weer een stukje met de motorboot

A short stretch by boat

Het Zweeds koppel zat bij ons in de boot (eigenlijk was hij Engelsman)

The Swedish couple was in our boat too. Actually he was English


Nog steeds in de boot

Still on the boat


Agressieve vogel met pijlstaart, lijkend op kapmeeuw en typisch voor hoogvlakten van Lapland

Agressive bird wirth arrow tail, looking like a sea gull and typical voor the Lapland fjall


Een beetje afzien is het wel

I must admit it’s a little tyring


Although the German had said he wanted to sleep until 8 pm, he already got up at 7. He probably realized tonight that, because of food shortage he had to cover the next two stages to the village of Ammarnäs in one day: more than 30 km. through the mountains, with 19 kg. on his back. On the way to the swamp to get a kettle of water, I wake up Han in his tent, hello to the four dwellers in the wood shack crowded together, “tsuus” (adieu) to the leaving German and on the road (3x) again (a song). Today we regard as a day of rest, because we only have 15 km to go + a few km by boat.

So we hop further on the route. Once we almost missed the path in the swamp. We pass several wooden suspension bridges, one with a walkway, so you see the swirling water just below you. Tosca, do you dare?


Suspension bridge

Tosca dares everything. Months ago, in Spain, we saw 100 m. ahead the road blocked by a group of enormous Spanish cattle dogs, which lay sunbathing in the middle of the path. Tosca played “la belle indifference” and went for a walk  swagging her female ass, walking between and passed the bewildered males. Often people ask me what breed of dog she is. A Dutch lefgooser (Jiddish, dareall). What? A Dutch shepherd!

 At a shelter, we find again the Swedish couple who were in our cabin last night, and who wanted to walk another 10 km. He appears to be an Englishman and has a few kids around 20 y.o. and has been living in Sweden for a long time. Works in telephony. She is 10 y. older, has a daughter of 13. Given the way they react to each other, they have a (recent) relation. Tosca is fixed to an upright ladder. Enthusiastic Tosca pulls which results in the ladder falling on the shoulder of the Swedish Englishman. Cool as he is, he says, that’s not that bad. I suspect that he is now a sweaty Englishman instead of a cool one..

Hier aten het Zweeds-Engelse koppel met ons rendierstew

Lunch of rendeer and moose stew for the four of us
Ons bootje
We arrive at a Värdhus on the lake. The four of us have lunch of reindeer and moose stew. Outstanding: with delicious sauce, mushrooms and herbs. The spherical shaped landlady made Han suspect that here nothing is thrown away. As we step into the boat, to cross over to our daily target, Adolfström, four last night wood shack sleepers just arrived there too. One is an American who lives in Sweden and plays rugby there. He has two American friends 
with him and a Swedish fellow rugby player. The four of them will, like me, go on for weeks, to Abisko, the end of Kungsleden.

 I see that many of the photos have already been published in yesterday’s blog. That can happen when you have to update the blog after several days by the absence of WiFi.
  At 3 pm w
e arrive in the settlement Adolfström: some scattered wooden houses in the birch wood, with a general shop, adjoining cafeteria, where we can spend the night in a wooden shack. Tosca’s food is finished. In two days we’ll arrive in something like a village. So we consider doing the next two stages in one tomorrow: Approximately 21 to 27 km to Jäkkvik. Hopefully then finally  my phone will work and hope there will be wifi. Because back to basics is nice, but nothing else but just basics starts get boring rather soon!
In our present accommodation is no wifi either. When I questioned the already elderly landlady , the just arrived three young Swiss ladies burst out in laughing. Yeah, stupid question. However, our cabin has a sink with a water tap, but without water.
Blog Updating, charging electrical devices, searching for wifi in the “village”. Planning for the next few days, showering, shaving. The day is too short again. And … The sun is shining. One gets the weather one deserves.

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