Tuesday July 28th 2015. Rostastugan 18 km.

 Landscape impressions


Duitser Morris die Jan had ontmoet en die kwam buurten

The German Morris, who had met Jan and who came to say hello.

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Rosta stugan

As bad as the weather was yesterday, so beautiful it is today. When I got up this morning I once more lit the stove,  to dry the last nits of moisture. Therefore a late start. But, today is only 18 km. Beautiful views, very beautiful walk, which was not as terribly heavy as some of the previous days. Beautiful weather, far above the tree line, cool breeze, so hardly any mosquitoes. Because we encountered reindeer herds, dog Tosca was enthusiastic. Very hard to calm her down. I was delighted she dragged me  up the mountain, but could hardly slow her down downhill. I had found a new rope, to replace the belt, which I forgot yesterday at the other side of the river while crossing . Because she completely pulls me over when going downhill on steep slopes and because I could not let her run free with those many reindeer around, I made a strangling rope of her leash. How cruel! Yes, Tosca herself determins how hard she pulls. And a Tosca shot by Sami, while chasing rendeer, is not what I want. Well, she’s almost hanging herself, she’s just about breathless and still pulls like hell, but anyway, I can withhold her somehow. Being friendly to a pet is O.K., but a pet also has to be manageable. The movie camera is empty. A great pity with this beautiful weather and this beautiful landscape. Reminds me of inspirational Mongolia, where the idea of ​​this trek started.

I have to wade through a river a couple of times.That doesn’t bother us much any more. However, you need to be careful because many stones, above and below water, are slippery or sliding and the flow is strong and the melting water is freezing cold.
Hello, I greeted the 4 people who sat in the sun at the Rosta cabin. Apparently people from here, because with bare arms and legs, despite the mass of mosquitoes. I’m Harrie from the Netherlands. Oh, said the German, named Morritz, then you have greetings from Jan. Jan, German, Rheinländer, also wanted to walk 800 km. to Cape North. We walked together for a couple of days until he decided after a few days to go to the North by another route, the Padjelantaroute. That route is supposed to be still quieter, even more rude, no provision, more snow. After a week we were supposed to meet again in Abisko and from there go on together. But after our split, I didn’t hear anything from Jan. Perhaps no telephone reach? So this young German, Morritz, told me that he had met Jan and had told Jan about me. Jan felt weak and therefore had hitch hiked 250 km. He’s one or two days ahead of me now. Well, I also have bad days, and even on the good days, there are bad moments. But to cut it off when it’s hard, is against my principle.
Two more days and then I’ll be in Finland Kilpisjärvi, at the triple point of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Then I finish the first part of the three I still had to walk since Abisko. Part two is 180 km. To the capital city of the Sami, Kautokeino, again in Norway. I hope to arrive there around the 13th of August. Then part three: 250 km. from Kautokeino to Cape North, starting around the 17th of August or so. At the end of August I’m at Cape North, the utmost Northern point of Europe.
In the evening Morritz drops in to socialize. Morritz is a 20 year old Beier with striking long hair: up to the chest. up to, not ON! He has to decide this summer whether he is going to start an education of electrical engineering in a couple of weeks, or if he wants to study physics, which study is heavier and longer. But in the latter case he must do another 3 years of pre-education. We talked mainly about our trip, but also about all kind of other things. He calls himself shy and finds this a good learning school to be independent and then socializing in the evening. O.K., that’s what we did.
I want to make a selfie, but the camera’s battery is empty. Then a selfie with my handy. But how do I get that on the blog again?

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