Tuesday July 21st 2015. Abisko

More planning today. Buying food for a week for dog and boss. 10 Kg. extra. The next week, all together, more than 20 kg. to carry. It does not even fit in my backpack. How should that work out? The backpack straps will torture my shoulders. Now, I also understand a little bit of those women whose upper part is so sumptuous, that the shoulders get hurt by their bra straps and they turn into breast reduction. Now is 10 degrees Celsius. Warm weather is expected tomorrow: 13 degrees C. So mosquitos. Holy …! Will be bad again. Sometimes I would like to think: There’s nothing better than one’s own bed, fridge and everything at hand and being lucky that one may go to work. I hope the assistants read this. Then they arrive in the morning with still more pleasure to fullfill their happy destination. Hééééj!
Back at my Fjällhotel, two Dutch 50-plus people just came in, whom I had spoken to in the mountains in a cabin at my muëssli lunch. They just arrived here. Broken. They need a rest here in Abisko for a while, after following me again on the Nordkallotleden. I’m going to reorganize my backpack to fit everything in. Well, that’s proves impossible however much I push tug in. Then I’ll buy a new bag and tie it on top of the backpack with fasteners. Jesus, how shall that work out? But yes, every day I will eat more of that weight. That gives hope. I see that Tosca is already getting lean, so I have to take plenty of food. She can catch more mice, but if I eat too little, I become very weak and I will not advance enough. So no much doubting,  just carry all that stuff. It is a privilege that you may endure all these hardships. So no fuzzing around.
Tomorrow I want to get up early, so going to sleep now. It’s 10 pm..


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