Tuesday July 14th 2015. Tenting place near shelter Svine at lake Sitojaure, 22 km


De bootregels

The boat rules

Warm. Almost 20 degrees C. That’s very warm for some one who has been in winter from November last year until one week ago. One also gets used to sleeping on a wooden board. In spite of the continuous buzzing of mosquitoes the night was decent. Again I lost my mosquito net. Sometimes I don’t wear that in front of my eyes. At places where are less mosquitoes I put it upward, on the top of my cap. Then when you are working hard uphill, watching the dog, the route, where to put your feet on those big boulder paths, then one doesn’t notice that the net is blown away or got stuck into a branch or bush. As long as I moved it was o.k., also owing to the anti bug oil, but don’t dare to stand still. For example to drink from a creek, or to unwrap Tosca’s paw from the leish. They attack you with complete armies. I never knew something could like me that much. Well, sounds nice, but doesn’t help me much,

Since many days I see lots of Bethlehem flowers along the road . I should take a picture. Few animals, except for the occasional lemming and mice. Tosca added two mice to her ration. A lemming defended himself by treading with its front legs, while standing on its hind legs, showing the hamster teeth and squeaking. Tosca had not experienced that before. She hesitated a second, just enough for the lemming to dash away.

Heenweg 4 km. over Laituremeer met één boot

First time rowing across lake Laiture in one boat


Aankomst aan overkant Laituremeer, waar twee boten liggen

Arrival at the other side of lake Laiture where await two boats

De 4 km. weer terug over Laituremeer, met een tweede boot op sleeptouw

4 Km. back across lake Laiture towing a second boat

 After 10 km. of walking I get at lake Laiture at 1 pm. At the other side is a possible overnight shelter where one can buy provisions. If I row the 4 km. across the lake fast, I can walk this afternoon part of tomorrows distance.
You bet. One boat is on my side. This means that there are two boats at the other side of the lake. I have to row one hour across the lake in one boat. Then rowing one hour back with a second boat in tow. And then I can row about an hour in one boat for the third time. See photos of signs. So there goes my afternoon extra walk. The 12 km. rowing were delicious, but by so much rowing it gets a little late to make that extra day stage to lake Sitojaure. That would be another 9 km. of walking this afternoon. Once at lake Sitojaure you can call for a boat man to bring you across the lake. You have to call that boat on beforehand, and the crossing will  then be scheduled at 9:30 pm, at least if I can make the 9 km to the lake Sitojaure in time. Well yeah, the thought of crossing Sitojaure lake simply fills my wooden head and then it must be done. May be there will be nothing to eat in the shelter across Sitojaure lake tonight, so I eat now, in the afternoon, at Laiture shelter my evening meal  and also buy here some provisions for tomorrow. The shower is in the open field, with, no doubt, swarms of mosquitoes, horny females who await their chance. Photo. You know what I’m going to do? After dinner here at Laiture lake shelter I still walk 9 km. over the mountain and the fjell. Above at the fjell the handy will have connection, people told me, and there, on the way to lake Sitojaure, I call the boatman whether he still wants to bring me tonight across lake Sitojaure.


Natte heideachtige hoogvlakten met prachtig wijds uitzicht

Wet heath-like plateaus with magnificent view

Meertjes nog deels bevroren

Still partially frozen lakes. Gradually more snow.

Geleidelijk meer sneeuw. Hier moet ik overheen, stijl naar beneden

Here I have to cross steep down hill.

Best stijl, even gestopt voor filmopname

Pretty steep. A stop for movie shooting

Je ziet op foto niet hoe glad en stijl het is. Beneden rotsen. Niet uitglijden met hond en rugzak

You don’t see very well in pictures how smooth and steep it is. Down are rocks. Don’t slip with dog and backpack.


Douche bij de Sitojaurestugan (hut)

Shower at Sitojaurestugan

Beyond lake Sitojaure viz. is a cabin with a shop, Sitojaurestugan. At least I can  buy new stock then. No sooner said than done: During the 9 km. running across the plateau my mobile works. I call the boatman if he can come to pick me up tonight: an unintelligible language, gibberish, not a word of English and the call is terminated. Well, then just on to the lake. There I’ll stay in the makeshift Sitojaure shelter, if it is not overcrowded and tomorrow I’ll try again  to get across the lake.
n the cabin at lake Sitojaure were three Belgian guys who had occupied the three bunks. Sleeping on the floor with Tosca was an option, but I chose for the tent. Same story: in the tent hunting mosquitos, also by Tosca. She jumps with both legs to or on a mosquito, resulting in broken canvas, causing a hole in the tent, through which of course new mosquitoes penetrate again.

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