Tuesday January 13th 2015 Marsac 14 km.

Last night frost again. Today nice weather. In the open field it gradually gets cloudy and a cold wind is blowing. Then the pleasant temperature is gone immediately. The weather gets nasty. Again mostly asphalt roads followed by a still very beautiful landscape, many small forests, rivers, the occasional hamlet, an old farm. Advantage of the small roads: dry feet, no searching in the forest for waymarks, so no wrong turns, no time lost, no too narrow bridges for Leon. But our much quoted Duch late soccer player and linguistic phenomenon Johan Cruyff says “every advantage has a disadvantage.” Along the way is a lot of good grass, so food for Leon, as opposed to the woods. So shortcuts means Leon suddenly pulling down to the side with his “head”. This makes me prefer to speak of bully, cross-head, ass’s head, because Leons pulling is like body building for my shoulder mussles. When I’m calling back Tosca because of an approaching car, or while I am trying to attach Tosca at the leash, that head of Leon flings back to the other side, so I do not easily manage to leash Tosca, a car sometimes  races past me, almost scratching me. On the other hand, there are carefully oncoming cars, who kindly stop and wait for us, so I can not pass them. Nice trying! Tosca runs constantly right in front of my feet. She is on a leash with a rope over my head and one shoulder. Then why not making the rope longer, you might think. Then she can’t walk right in front of me any more. But in that case she gets more room and might unexpectedly suddenly jump in the road. So every advantage has etc.
At 00.30 pm I already reached my destination. Actually much too early. I regard it as a kind of rest. I sleep on the first floor. In the stairway workers are trying to repair the broken central heating. Leon is tied up in the garden, first at a fence on the grass, later at an apple tree. Tosca may run freely in the large garden and amuses herself there with the dog of the landlady. I amuse myself with the landlady, in the sense that she will take me in her car shopping. My room has wifi, so actually there is just about everything a woman can give me in this situation . A friend of the landlady, a butcher, brings meat for the landlady’s dog. Tosca steals most of it. I have the opportunity again and the time to look for lodging locations for the next days and I have again an opportunity for further working out my route. I can write my blog, read and answer comments on my blog, e-mails etc. That relaxes me a bit.
Wednesday, Jan 14. La Souterraine 27 km, accommodation arranged.
Thursday Chambon in Crozant, settled overnight.
Friday likely to Cluis not yet settled.
Saturday warning. La Chatre, still not settled.
So things are getting better. Hola – deladio!

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