Tuesday February 24th 2015. From Theux to Henri-Chapelle, 28 km

Dawn is golden, is a Dutch saying. I looked outside. Instead of gold I saw thick snowflakes. At 8:30 Marjan, Ruud and I, along with Tosca, got out of the car in Theux. My aim was to make up for one of the skipped stages. You know how it is with the village gossip: if you have skipped one stage, everyone will say: I can do that too, with cheating. That it concerns only a few tens of km. out of the 3000 that I already have done, will be forgotten. And I have walked many additional kilometers each time that I lost my way. People don’t count that. So today catching up a skipped stage.
The snow was gone by now. The walk first ran across a busy access road to the edge of Verviers. Then over muddy forest paths with many pools and here and there some wet snow, but also on quiet back roads to the beautiful historical center of the town of Limbourg. There still is quite a lot to be restored here. Nevertheless this capital of the ancient earl of Limburg is still worth visiting, with its lovely square, the remains of ramparts and moats.
Typical of the lack of maintenance is the picture of the crucifix. Seems Part 2 of the joke of Nails v. Leeuwen. (See thurs. 19 feb. For part 1)
Besides the town of L  Part 2 of the anecdote of van Leeuwens nails Part 2 of anecdote of van Leeuwen’s nails image Limbourg the town is Dolhain. For me interesting, because this is the last name of my mother. After 3.5 hours of non-stop walking we sat down in the only restaurant that was open. The cream in our cappucino was so stiff that the lumps of sugar did not fall through. Later it turned out that even the spoon stayed upright. See pictures. Such cappucino I’ve never had.
Marjan is a sport lady of geat caliber. Enormous steps and what a pace. I’d rather not have her as a bearer instead of Leon, because I would have to run twice as hard. Who knows, maybe she will offer her carrying abilities spontaneously. Since most of the world’s problems had been resolved in previous conversations with others , at least in theory, we could reduce our concerns to some global threats, like marine litter and pollution in general. Ruud suggested that everyone would pick up two pieces of litter and our country would be clean again in no time. I do not know how long is no time, but it’s worth trying.
After lunch in Limbourg, according to our planning we were going to walk to Baelen, but that was only 4 km. So after Baelen we continued some 5 km to Henri-Chapelle, where Marjan’s dear was waiting with his car to pick us up and drive us back to the starting point of this morning in Theux, where Ruuds car was parked. It has been another beautiful day, with almost none of the predicted rain and the prospect of tomorrow a “nuje sjunne daag oe the muuës nog nuuks a gedoeë hant (another day, another dollar). Where I did I hear that before? The one who fits the shoe … (Dutch saying).
Limbourg Limbourg ]  With nails of van Leeuwen this had never happened With nails of van Leeuwen this had never happened Is faith crumbling? Is faith crumbling?  Marjan and Ruud in Limbourg < / a> Marjan and Ruud in Limbourg  Marjan in Limbourg Marjan in Limbourg < img src = "http://www.ponyanddogtrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/image104-300x225.jpg" alt = "Impression Limbourg" impression Limbourg  Sugar cubes bags not the cream Sugar cubes bags not the cream  Cappuccino with cream. Spoon stays upright. Well done Cappucino with whipped cream. Spoon remains upright. Well done

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