Tuesday December 9th 2014 Grañon 24 km.

Scanty breakfast hallway, cold coffeeScanty breakfast in hallway, cold coffee

Nog eens mijn ontbijthok, onder aan de trap. Pelgrims moeten afzien

The day started well. A good night’s sleep, the animals had a dry shelter, afine drizzling rain. Tonight I will be welcome including horse and dog yesterdays landlady had told me. “Only” 24 km! So, everything is under control. Last night I was alone in the inn. The landlady was at her own home. She had put ready my breakfast for this morning: a thermos of cold coffee and a thermos with chilled cold milk, including a few slices of cake (photo).
It was drizzling all day . On the way everything generally went fine, exept for a few minor detours. I realized that my dayly reports, which basically is my diary, show no character development. I learned that in school: What do you think about the movy or the book? Did you see any character development? Apparently that was a condition for a movie / book to be considered good. Well, this blog does not have to be good, and I do not feel the urge to still develop my character. It must be good for what it is. With the risk that everyday’s story is just more of the same. I am satisfied with what I’ve done over the past decades, and the things I have not done are not necessary any more. Satisfied with my family, work, friends, especially of course our unmatched gym club with its illustrious members, reading club of married couples, called the swingers club etc.
Well then, from Viloria de Rioja to Redecilla del Camino the route followed a consistent path, right next to the busy road. I hated it, because dog Tosca has the tendency to chase large trucks. So I had to hold Tosca all the time. I cannot let Leon go anyway. I try to keep them both in one hand, but then again dog Tosca is often right at my feet and that doesn’t walk pleasantly, or she is very close to Leon’s leggs, with the risk that Leon gets her limping. All this goes much better than weeks ago, but I constantly have to push, pull, correct, sometimes with my foot. I can not put my hand in a loop of the rope, because if Leon suddenly starts off, he may drag me. Also because I want to consult my GPS. Therefore I have to get my glasses out of my pocket. I need a third hand. VOEM, another truck, another tug at my right shoulder by dog Tosca, who wants to run after the truck. Another tug, now by Leon, who thinks he has the chance to dive with his head onto the roadside to eat grass. My piece of bread and the sausage, which I both hold together in my left hand, falls on the ground. Tosca dashes towards it. Lacking a third hand I defend my food with my foot. VOEM, another truck. Leon walks on, but I want to stop to pick up the sausage. Horse Leon gasps for the piece of bread in my left hand, making dog Tosca feel the tug of the rope again. I write this so extensive because people do not realize that this walk is something completely different than piecefully leading the horse from the pasture to the barn. Very exciting, fortunately not allways, but (too) often. I’ve had anough of all this pulling. The trail leaves the road and goes on to the village of Castildelgado, that is one km. away from my Santiago trail . After Castildelgado I’ll try to find the Santiago trail again. I thought being smart. I simply make a short cut, skip the detour to Castildelgado and continue walking on the highway itself. Me stupid idiot. NEVER do that again. I walked on the left side on the highway. Crash barriers/rails along the way, for about a few hundred meters. A truck came from behind and was overtaken by two asshole drivers. I could not move over to the side. Leon was horrified, started to run. I tried to keep pace with him as fast as I could, trying to hold him at his rope. If I only can hold him. The cars were passing and the danger had passed. You bet. When the next truck passed us Leon fled into the oily clay field. Of course I went running after him. Only 500 m. more to go and then I can leave the dangerous, busy main road, and go into a safe, quiet side road. Before reaching the side road I saw far ahead another truck coming towards me. We better go to the other side, the right side. Impossible because of the trafic. Damn, this is wrong. Like a rat in a trap. I had nowhere to go with that horse, caught within yhe side rails. I quickly swung Leon’s rope around the guardrail. I still held Tosca’s leish. Too late. The truck sped down. Leon tries to stand on his hindleggs, but couldn’t, because I still keep the rope tangeld around the guardrail. I fall and am drawn by Leon under the guardrail . PFFFFFFFFF . We’re still here and alife . Hand bruised, nothing else. And now get the hell off this road. This is life threatening. Nevertheless rather the detour to Castildelgado .
After Castildelgado I am again in doubt , do I have to go left or right? Just consult the GPS. Does not work anymore . Broken by the fall? No, it did burst open and one of the two batteries was lost . Fortunately, I have spare batteries. Yes, it works again . Look , thus it keeps exciting and never gets boring . The same counts for Tosca, who found the remains of a roe deer’s leg .  Delicious . Picture.
And now the inn. Tonight the innkeeper wants to take us to Mass in the adjacent curch . Next we’ll have diner together , tomorrow breakfast together . But that’s not what I want to. I have my blog, my mails, though I haven’t been able to send them for God knows how many days, should still make a reservation for the next inn , still want to convert Leon tonight etc. etc.
And now I first want to shower . Otherwise I do not get the towel dry on the stove.
  Here's another half-timbered building. The yellow color is favorite Here often houses have much timber framing. The yellow color is the favorite 

 Tosca amuses himself with deer's leg Tosca enjoys herself with deer’s leg 

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