Tuesday August 25th 2015. Going home in camper. Fauske

Rudi ontkurkt een champagnefles

Rudi opens a champagne bottle.

Rudie en Paulette toasten champagne op het behaalde eindresultaat

Rudi and Paulette toast champagne on the final result.

Massa's kriebelende knutvliegjes.

A lot of itching Mitgets bugs.

Mijn 4-persoons hut

My 4-persons cabin.

The weather is beautiful again. The pictures of the film recordings I wrote about yesterday were made today, but unfortunately published yesterday, on Monday. So what? The recordings took us a couple of hours. Many questions are asked by Paulette while I answer those in front of the camera. Etc. Whether I’m proud of accomplishing the trip. Yes, I am, but I also relativate it strongly. Keeping a relationship for years is usually a bigger achievement. Working for years with joy for the same boss, or at the same computer or machine, is often a lot harder (except in our office !!!?). Or raising children to social independence and teaching them how to reach a minimal level of satisfaction, and so on.
When we finish the recording, my mobile rings. A journalist of the horse magazine Bit. We are talking about an hour, first about how it all started, and further about interaction man-horse-dog. Because we want to go on with the camper, the journalist and I agree to talk further tonight.
In the evening I read the many reactions on my and on Rudi’s blog and on facebook. Today there are a lot more than on other days. Very nice, having some contact with the home front. I’m going to close now, because here are masses of inimini flies. You almost do not see them, but they do itch.
I eat pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce for the third day in a row. Still tasty.
Just before going to sleep, the Bit lady proposed to postpone the next telephone interview until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. That gave Rudi time to show up with what he actually intended to do at Cape North, yes yes, champain. And so it was cozy again, in the evening sun in front of the camper in Lapland.

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