Tuesday April 14 th 2015. Rendsburg 24 km. + a few more


Afscheidsontbijt Farewell breakfast

Tosca enthusiastic with her roe deer leg Tosca enthusiastic with her roe deer leg

Traditionalntractor? At a farm Traditional tractor (?) at a farm

Spring flowers Spring flowers

On the ferry On the ferry

Traditional construction Traditional construction


On the road ,On the road

Alarm clock at 7 pm. A decent time for a semi – retiree. Unfortunately Tosca anounced her presence in the central heating room (with the window wide open, so it wasn’t that hot after all) already half an hour earlier. So I quickly got dressed, assuming that Tosca sincerely needed to empty her bladder and bowel. And indeed that happened outside. Then trying to catch a brief little “sleep” for half an hour until the alarm definitely woke us up, gathering all our stuff, walk the dog, and next hurrying Lee and Noel to the train at 9.15 a.m. First thing to do now is going, at 9.20 am to the tourist information. See if they could help me find a cheap place to stay, 30 km. further North. That was not the case. All these tourist information centers know only about their own very modest rayon. Doesn’ matter. In Rendsburg I surely will find a hostel and one can always go to a campsite with an overnight cabin. Or tent, because for Wednesday is predicted hot weather.
So just let’s hit the road. There was a bleak, harsh wind, but mostly I had that from the rear. That’s one of the benefits of my route running from South to North: wind, rain and sun from behind. We walked quiet country roads, cycle paths and along hedgerows. See pictures. Many deer in the fields. Tosca was mostly running free and had a party with among others a broken leg of a rummaged deer in the field. Along the way she devored a significant part of it. She gets through the year where others have to wait for until Christmas. Lucky girl.

Because the route is progressing well, and finding the right way is not difficult, I am humming and whistling most of the time. Today is the first day my old blisters don’t bother me any more at all. The weight of the backpack I am accustomed to by now and I hardly feel the straps on my shoulder. So, jinks.
Rendsburg I roamed quite a few km. in between showers and also with a ferry, before I finally reached the center. Nein, no Jugendherberge here. And no camping. OK. Then the cheapest other possibility. B@B “Frau Antje” in the Preuss Strasse was an option. On the door was a sign saying you had to call by telephone because nobody would respond to the door bell. On the phone Frau Antje sounded like a battle-ax and said she wouldn’t be home the next hour. Yes, but only 45 min. ago the tourist office arranged that I would be at Frau Antje in less than an hour. Fortunately Herr “Antje” showed up and soon everything was settled. Tosca gets a room inside, because Antje has a barking dog outside. No problem. At the Turkish restaurant I ate a 6 E doner kebab, I did some shopping, shower, blog, booked a room in a hostel for tomorrow  in Schleswich. Only no dog allowed in there. Let’s see how we’ll  fix that again tomorrow.
A call to my
 sister who has her birthday and who were eating outside with the family, while here in the North it is uncanny cold.
Friday I’ll probably cross the Danish border and three weeks later, around 6-7 May, I expect the ferry to land in the dock in Oslo-Norway. Cool man!

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