Tuesday 21 oct. 2014 Arcos 30 km.

Early morning leaving paddock near Paterna de Rivera

Wow, again over 30 degrees C. Another 30 km. finished of which at least 10 km. on bloody hot asphalt. The rest of the route was o.k. thanks to an old man in shorts and with a hear device, who wanted to show me a shorter road. Great those Spanish! He joined me for many km.s. After a while, an hour or so, we reached his house. He and his wive gave me an apple, an icy cold pear, four oranges, water for the animals, a curly dog to play with Tosca and a wife who did not play with me, but who nevertheless was very friendly. Quite a psychological boost. After passing his house the man took his bycicle and still followed me for a while. I’m not sure if it is because of lack of knowledge of Spanish or because of his hear device, but todays planned 30 km. turned out to be close to 40. I wonder if the fruit he gave me was worth that detour. A phone call from brother Michiel. The car gave up. Reparation wil take 2 days. They are 30 km. ahead of me. Now I have to rely on my self. No longer them to look for a place to sleep, no trailer for horse or dog, no food, no drinks. I believe it is a joke. For one thing I really seem so catch up with them on my way north, like I forsaid. So it’s an illusion to think one can always rely on one’s family. Two km. past Arcos I passed a horse stable where they agreed to host horse Leon for one night. I took the backpacks from the horseback and carried 3 of them all the way back to Arcos, 2 km. I found a cheap hotel, 20 E, tied Tosca to the toilet pot, so she couldn’t devour the bed. I tightened my belt and ate a combination of several tapas for diner in a local cafetaria.

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