I want to start in Tarifa in the south of Spain. As much as possible I will follow old pathways like the Spanish Via de la Plata, the Saint Jacobroutes (chemins de Saint Jacques, via Santiago) in the north of Spain and in France up north till Vezelay, from there on the Grande Randonnee 654 from Vezelay till Namur in Belgium, then the Via Mosana to Liege or Aachen (Germany), further through the Netherlands by the Pieterpad, on through north Germany the Marskramerpad, Toddenweg till Osnabruck, Wittekindweg till Porta Westfalica, the E1 long distance path over Hameln, Hamburg to Denmark. In Denmark the E1 Europepath from Arhus till Silkeborg. In the south of Sweden the Bohuslan from Goteburg to Stromstad near Halden. In Norway the Olovsway from Oslo to Trondheim and in Lapland the Kungslede through Norway, Sweden, Finland and Norway again until Kautokeino. From kautokeino straight up along the Europepath E1 again until Cape North. The stretch between Trondheim and the Kungslede still has to be worked out (any suggestions welcome).

    I think that specially the hundreds of km.’s in Lapland will be difficult because of the musquito’s, the marshlands that are difficult to cross with a horse, the stony mountain paths and the changing wheather. Maybe I’ll have to leave my pony behind, somewhere in lappland.

    I want to make a calender for people who want to join me a couple days, a week or part of the stretch, walking, with a bycicle or with a horse.