Thursday Oct. 30th 2014 open air Villafranca to Torremejía 32 km

Hier hoop ik nog ff aan voorbij te kunnen gaan

From this place I hope to stay away a while

Albergue de Pelegrinos Torremejia


The back of albergue Torremejía, where Tosca and Leon slept outside

After a long day of more than 30 km and after picking a lot of grapes as a supplementary nutrition, we arrived at a charming inn in Torremejia. The only present pilgrim was a corpulent Austrian of age almost 50 I guess, who was lieing on his bed complaining of sciatic pain. Right at the first encounter he asked me if I believed in God. Ho, I thought, take it easy men. If I’d say “no” he wouldn’t like me, if I’d say “yes” I’d be a liar. But I answered that I’d rather believe in divine than in God. He could accept that. I felt saved. Apparently his back aches bothered him. He didn’t stop talking while I wished to write my blog that had to be updated about 4 days. If you do not consistently keep up the blog, you completely lose track. In a pilgrims’ hostel one usually has to leave after one or two days. Perhaps the Austrian feigned sciatica only to be allowed to stay longer. So after the meal together with the Austrian and a Hungarian Swiss, whom I had met before, I got rid of them and I started writing. Now, the i-pad has a disorder, viz. The keyboard is always in the middle of the screen, so you do not see what you are typing. Editing becomes a nuisance and writing my blog takes 2-4 times longer. Hopeless. I planned to film this evening with the camera that I got from Ruud. Although I do not use it much, apparently the battery ran down. The i-pad also had to be charged, just like the batteries for my GPS, charging my handy. I used almost all outlets in the dormitory. So you see, many little troubles. The more problems during the day, the more satisfied I am at night, that I made it again today. Overnight horse and dog are being tied up again outside. In the street I saw a Spaniard and I asked him where I could get concentrate. Half an hour later he visited me in the albergue and delivered me a few kilos of oats (of course for horse Leon) for one E, because I think all three of us are losing weight.
The Spanish cemeteries are really Rococo. Especially with All Saints day/ All Souls now. I passed by quickly. The more with all those vultures in the air. I have pictures of it, but I do not know how I can get those in the blog. Today I even saw eagles several times. Probably golden eagles. The vultures often are in groups of 20, accompanied by groups of storks sailing on the thermal currents . Tosca sleeps outside , behind the albergue , under my window , tied to a well.

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