Thursday March 26 th. 2015 Ibbenbüren. 27 km walked

Today we hiked to Ibbenbüren, a name easy to remember because it sounds like the name of the widely used painkiller ibuprofen. I wanted to follow the Töddenweg. I did make some detours. Using the GPS, I made a lot of abbreviations, perhaps sometimes less beautiful roads, or with more traffic, but I walked more kilometers than I had expected. In the evening some drizzling, but fortunately only for 30 min. At 2 degrees above zero C. I had some coffee and bounty at the cheerless train station, waiting for my benevolent taxi Serge, who picked me up after work and took me back home to Hengelo. Pizzas were ordered for dinner and 7 packs of dessert, all with different tastes and one still larger than the other. How are you going to split up all the deserts? This was solved quite simply by merely dividing the largest dessert.
Infrastructuring by Gonny and Niek, trying to find out where they tomorrow would spend the night on their way back home in South of France. I found, again thanks to Serge’s aid, accommodation for tomorrow at a backpackers hostel in Osnabruck. Tosca was re-inserted into the gazebo and enjoyed, like at the end of every day, of her well-deserved rest.

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