Thursday June 11th 2015. Nyheim Camping in Namsskogan 30 km


Veel onbewoonde boerenwoningen

Dotterbloemen, in Nl. vroege voorjaarsbloeiers

“Dotter” Flowers, in the Nl. blooming in early spring

Weer massa's bosanemonen, mee van de eerste voorjaarsbloemen in Nl. Ze volgen me al 3 mnd. op mijn route

Again lots of wood anemones, among the first spring flowers in the Nl. They’ve been following me already 3 months. on my route

De besneeuwde bergen van het immense natuurgebied Bjørgefjell

The snowy mountains of the immense natural reserve Bjørgefjell


Een van de geïsoleerd liggende dorpjes hier

One of the isolated villages here

Veel natuurschoon

Great scenery

Vissen en jagen zijn nationale sporten. Veel vissershutten

Fishing and hunting are national sports. Many fishing huts

Schuilhutten voor vissers hebben meestal een houtvoorraad

Refuges for fishermen usually have a food stock


Mijn onderkomen voor de nacht

My home for the night

Tosca wacht, terwijl ik inkopen ga doen

Tosca waits while I go shopping

Lijkt van binnen wel een woonwagen

Inside it looks like a caravan

In dit afgelegen huis woont een persoon met humor

In this isolated house lives a person with humor

Dichter bij


Nog dichter bij

Still closer

Stukje van hun tuin, met narcissen!

Part of their garden, with daffodils

Witte elanden?

White moose?

Mijn eerste rendieren

My first rendeer

Veel onbewoonde boerenwoningen

Many uninhabited farmhouses

Engelsen, met de camper op weg naar de Noordkaap

English, with the camper on the way to Cape North

Completely overslept. Home I usually am awakened by the stronger light, but the night continues to be bright so my biological clock does not work here. The long sleeping turns out to be good, because of the long hiking yesterday, 45 km. I was too late in my bed. Yesterday reminded me of the Nijmegen 4-days marching event (4 x 40-50 km) of the soldiers, I thought, 40 km. With 10 kilos luggage on their backs. My luggage is 16 kilos and my shoes are ready to be thrown away.

It’s nearly one week since sister Francien went back home, since my son Servé’s and my sister in law Marion’s birthday. And a few days since girlfriend Anne H’s birthday. Too bad that I have to miss it all. I must say that the loneliness bothers me less than before. Powered by the beautiful nature, or because I find quite easily shelter and food, do not have to search for the route and pleasant things are ahead: about 12 d. before I’ll go home, to admire our newest grandchild that will be born by then. And coming back from home in the Nl. back to Swedish Lapland friend Han will join me, to start together the hundreds of kilometers of Kungsleden. That is the historic King’s way through the brushwood of pristine Lapland. And, although I still am mighty fascinated by my journey, the end of it also approaches gradually. In late August I’ll reach Cape North, the ultimate North end of Europe, about 7 weeks ahead of schedule. Back to family and friends.And then I can also get back to work, which I also look forward to. Why should I let only my employees / colleagues enjoy their ideal workplace? Shared joy is double joy! Olé. And home work has piled up tremendously. I want to deal with it with new enthusiastic vigor. So, reason anough to be happy.
This morning I got a long phone call from friend Siep of the Achterhoek. He calls faithfully every week, to my great satisfaction. Along the way a chat with an English couple who were traveling with the camper from Oslo to Cape North. Their son met in Disneyland a Norwegian girl and lives in Norway now. These parents will join with their son and Norwegian daughter in law together in Oslo. Photo. Therefore their visit to Norway.
From time to time Tosca pulls like an idiot (do idiots pull?), ever looking back, nose up in the air. I think: another elk? But this time I saw them before Tosca did. Two large white animals ahead of me. White moose I thought at first. Impossible. There are white horses, on which a princ may sit and what (almost) every woman dreams of. No, two real reindeer. One just crossed the road, but the other kept walking back and forth, as if hesitating, like he wanted to scare me. Probably the buck. Photo. Come on man, no shit. I’m not afraid. Tosca was indomitable. What a chance for a trophy. In der Beschränkung zeigt sich den Meister.
I see many sheds for hunting and fishing, so these seem to be national sports. Everywhere antlers above the doors and the gates. Everywhere fishing shelters. A Norwegian told me that more Norwegians live outside Norway than in Norway. Especially in the US I imagine. Agriculture should be rather unprofitable here. Often poor soil, small farms, a very short season. But nevertheless the farmer needs an expensive tractor, machinery. Agriculture must be heavily subsidized here, in order to make ends meet. Will also be one of the reasons that Norway doesn’t want to be a member of the EC. I think half of the Norwegian population lives in Oslo. Everywhere old, abandoned wooden houses, farmhouses. Understandable. Photo.
I see a rutted frog or toad. So those are here too. A group of cranes. |Some geese, a lapwing, heron, numerous siskins. I hear the first cuckoo. And of course there are again little wood anemones and daffodils. The daffodil is my Norway flower, I think. I saw them blooming since I left the Netherlands. Dotters, which bloom in our country early spring.
This is the first day in weeks that I have not worn my cape. Hiep hoi = hurray)
Way before six I arrive at my campsite. I make myself comfortable. Walk 1 km. back to the village for shopping and order ,while passing a gas station, a hamburger and a hot dog with fries and lots of mustard. Tasty unhealthy fat snack. Makes me feel strong for tomorrow. The arteriosclerosis by the fatty snack? On verra. Tomorrow to Majavatn campsite, only 28 km. But then Saturday 37 and on Sunday 43 km! Monday I’ll be at the Swedish border. Time to remind of Mama Alice.

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