Thursday July 2nd 2015. Tarnasjöstugan 26 km

At 4 a.m. waking up in Viterskalet Fjällstugan for… you can guess. Looking outside: rain, wind, mist and of course, just like yesterday, everything white.


Vertrek uit Viterskalet. Waard in het midden

Leaving Viterskalet. Carekeeper in the middle



Ontmoeting met Zweedse Magnus, die weliswaar afhaakt, maar wel de volgende 500 km. buiten slaapt

Meeting Swedish Magnus, who wants to sleep outside the next 500 km.

Lunchen naast de hut van Maria, onze camera's opladen en 2 dames worden opgehaald per helikopter

Lunch at the cabin of Maria, charging our cameras. Two ladies who are walking in the opposite direction are being picked up by a helicopter after hearing our day trip.

Korte tussenstop

Short stop


Aankomst Tarnasjöstugan bij Eva

Arrival at Eva’s  Tarnasjöstugan.

Eva verzorgt ons bij de sauna met bier en worst

Eva brings us sausage and beer at the sauna at the lake.



Alweer zo'n emmerdouche

Again a bucket shower

We slept long untill 7 pm, yammy, yammy and soon we were on our way like two young excited dogs. Hours uphill through the snow in a beautiful basin, called the Norrastorfjället. Occasionally you sank to your crotch and then hope that your foot does not land in a river under the snow. With the weight of the backpack on one leg leads over hardly right, but of course we do! Wooow!  At the top of the valley stood the Vinfakfarstuga, an unmanned cabin, a tent next to it and in the tent Swede Magnus. Magnus wanted to walk with us. He talked among other things, about his computer work. Especially with Han, because I was busy with Tosca, who was foolhardy of the reindeer. Shaking with emotion she was always at the back and it was very exciting to keep her in check.  OK. The three of us dredged through the snow to the Syterstugan cabin, where Mary, the hostess, already stood outside waiting. The news of our arrival had reached her already. We got lemonade and a tour. We did not know if we would stay overnight. It was only one p.m. First we buy some food at Maria’s . Can I charge my camera and film equipment? Normally Maria did not, but listening to my Europe trip story:  for you I’ll make an exception.  Reminds me of that old witch, who enters a pub with a parrot on the shoulder. She tells the young men at the counter: The one who can guess what kind of animal this is, may sleep with me. The first guy: a dog? Not good. The second: a kangaroo? Also wrong. The third one: a crocodile? Wrong again, but for you I count good!

Usually not, but for you I make an exception and charge the cameras. Evidence already provided: Europe has nothing but nice people.
 The landlady asked how our walking route was today regarding the snow. We did our story on wet snow, in which we sometimes sank to the cross and into the streams that flowed under the snow. You see, said hostess Mary. Two ladies at Maria’s cabin, who wanted to run in the opposite direction relinquished their intent and were advised by Maria to order a helicopter. Softies , those Swedish ladies. Han and I, or rather Han, cooks food outside in the sunshine. Osca almost grabbed a reckless lemming.
 After lunch we continue. We pause. After the second break Magnus dropped out. His accomplishments were not according to his name.
 Eleven hours after we left this morning, we arrived at Tarnasjöstugan. Eva awaited us all happy, of course. While Eva warmed the sauna at the shore of the lake for us, we prepared in our separate dogs cabin our ready meals. Han was even offered a place in the main lodge by Eva. Electricity to recharge the phones is not there and wifi only exists in the cultivated world, not here. Eva brags, she had swum from the sauna 14 strokes in the icy lake. Eva brought us cold beer during our sauna session and  sausages. Gee, it seems like home. I tried the ice lake, but when after two minutes the water reached up to my knees, I thought it was enough. We, that is Han, prepared the evening meal in our cabin, and we are equally socialized in the main building at Eva and her two female guests. The latter two were doing a game. We did not play games and drew back in time!
 Tosca starts with a walk before going to sleep, catches a lemming and eats it with skin and hair. Is a good thing, because I do not have much food for her anymore. At 10.30 pm the light went off.

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