Thursday January 29th 2015. Arcy – Sur -Cure. 22 km

We walked from 10.15 to 15.45. When we got up it was raining and it was cold. Forecast: rain all day , and what is more ominous : next week night temperatures of -16 deg. Celcius . Next week, the ladies will drive back in their nice hot cars, but Bri ‘s husband, Jos , sacrificed himself to accompany me next week. I hope he does not consider this a vacation, as our trip will be with ups and downs. All day chilling and then in the evening beer or wine in a chambres d’hotes , because here , north of Vezelay are , I believe , no more very primitive, cheap pilgrim shelters any more. So from now on more expensive hostals , but that also implies hostals with heating. So no unheated shower rooms any more , where you freeze when you leave from below the jet, if there is warm water anyway. So Jos , it’s getting cool. Refrain , and then afterwards you get the reward. That’s what psychologist call chilling, isn’t it? imageimage

View over Sonja and Auxerre

View over Sonja and Auxerre

Today was wauuuuuw: so all day it was raining cats and dogs, cold, very unpleasant walking.
Bri’s shoes are soaked, all our hands cold, because the gloves can wring. Luggage partially wet. Again nowhere a cafetaria, so we skipped the noon (lunch). One of us, I do not say who, had sore hips. Actually, we should have captured this idiotic undertaking in the film, but we did not have the courage to remove the tarp over the luggage, to unlash the film bag in the rain to open the movie suitcase etc. On a day like today it’s rather trying to survive. Capturing our agonize on film is just a bit off the priority list. The more beautiful it will look in retrospect. Last night Tosca slept in a bedroom of a deserted house. Leon was given a muddy meadow, with just a bit of grass. Luckily I had some concentrates for him last weekend.
Today, the animals were walking fine again, from which I conclude that they are not hungry. As well as Sonja and Bri. But they have already been snoozing since about 8 or 9 this evening, but I’m now accustomed to solitude, so I write something for my blog, take a nice bath and then “t” puumke “(pyjamas), while in the mean time Bri and Sonja wander in the world of their undoubtedly sweet dreams. About the route I cannot report much. Except, perhaps, that we wanted to take shelter under a canopy of a small farm. The master and mistress came straight out of their house “wazjele” ( to chat). They offered to make a drink, he showed us a better way than through the slippery forest. I asked him why those boxes hung from ropes under the corrugated roof. They were toilettes des hirondelles, swallow poop catchers. But there were fewer swallows, he said, because of all the chemicals on the fields.
We told ourselves how lucky we were, that it was just normal rain and no rain, straining into our faces by the wind, but mostly in the back, it was not yet -16 C. It took us only about 3 hours to cover many of the beautiful landscapes. Beautifull, though most of the day I only saw the pavement, because of the rain.
And thus we arrived there after all: Arcy-sur-Cure, the L’Yonne-and-Burgundy and Chambres d’Hôtes L’Expatisserie. I tied dog Tosca briefly in the pantry, because everywhere Tosca stays she leaves remains of what she committed with her teeth. Horse Leon got tied up under a roof , with even a little concentrate and a lot of good hay. And we have two separate rooms. Well, actually one upstairs and a pull-out couch in the living room downstairs. We were not allowed to bring inside our dirty clothes and hang it over the radiators. Who cares! Right now the radiators are no longer visible, being covered by all wet clothes. Our boss and his wife were out to a movie and when they return I hope that most of the clothes will be dry. While I ‘m writing my blog Son and Bri are doing some shopping for dinner. I look for new accommodation addresses for the next few days. This is very time-consuming. I hate it, so I’m very happy that they take it on their behalf. Bri is indeed fluent in French and for me her help is very easy. Now we are warm again, 5.30 pm., having nibbled a bit, everything hangs drying, wine among the shopping ware again. We are starting to come back. The evening will be a success again. One may start a discussion whether it is necessary to first slog all day through that filth in order to feel fine afterwards. What has to be done has to be done. Next week Bri’s husband Jos will replace her. Within 2 weeks my Dutch sports club ( part of it) will come visiting. They are supposed to bring me a couple of (their) women. I’m curious. After my sports club has left the medical staff of my office home will come to make me happy. And then I’ll almost be home for a week or so. And after that? I’m curious who will join me, if anybody. So from now on my trip will become better (read less miserable, ha, ha). Wow, how lucky I am, being on a one year long “holiday”. The world is not the way it is, but the way you perceive it. Doesn’t psychology call that the RET method? You can make yourself believe everything. No kidding!

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