Thursday August 27th en Friday 28th. 2015 Drammen. Going home in camper.

cabin in Drammen camp site

Thursday we arrive at the campsite of Drammen, 150 km. from Oslo. Because we have to wait until Saturday before we can make the crossing to Denmark with the ferry, we stay one day at the campsite in Drammen. At the campsite in Drammen there was nothing else to experience except that there were quite a few people with dogs. That once again caused Tosca’s never-abandoning watchdog’s instinct, which again had to be calmed down by me with a lot of yelling.
Friday I’ll walk 6 km. to the pool. On the way I ask the direction. Proud one of the requested Norwegians says that there Drammen also has an outdoor swimming pool. I wonder if that’s ever used with that climate here. Now it’s about 20 degrees C. at the most, in the middle of the day and everyone loves it: short pants, sleeveless t-shirts, tops.
During the few hours that I was away to the pool, Tosca stayed behind in my cabin. Later she appeared to have released herself from her leash and that she had found a place on the bed. Normally that would be o.k., but she is in heat, which is clearly marked on the mattress cover. Well, the mattress was not expensive: foam rubber, and luckily there was nothing to see. Tosca, my “difficulty factor”.
Walking Tosca, I come across a Norwegian, who addresses me. That’s a unicum, such a spontaneous contact with a Norwegian. Where I come from? The Netherlands. He starts quite a story about the 1500’s, which according to him, attracted many Norwegians to the Dutch low lands, because of the shipbuilding in `Holland`. Is not that the time of the Hanseatic cities? I must also say that I do not distinguish a group of Norwegians from a group of Dutch in terms of appearance.
As for myself, it’s been anough with my trip. The challenge is over. I do not enjoy it for the moment. And in the good company of Rudi and Paulette I relax in anticipation of the arrival home.

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