Thursday April 9th 2015. Hollenstedt, at least 35 km

Close up voor de middeleeuwse kerk in UndelohUndeloh, the boys in front of the medieval church

Undeloh Lüneburger Heide, 12e eeuws kerkjeUndeloh church from 1200


Opschrift bij ons onderdaka good wish written on our B@B farm house

Aankomst Hollenstedt nabij Hamburg Arrival at Hollenstedt near Hamburg

Kerk Hollenstedt even ten zuiden van Hamburg. Lee en Noël Hollensedt church a little south of Hamburg

Infrastruktureren op bed onder toeziend oog van Noël Infrastructuring on my bed, being controlled by Lee and Noel


Our dear girlfriend, the lovable 80-plus farmers lady, served us a good breakfast and … off we go. The friends wanted a cool photo on the bike and there is no better place to be immortalized than right in front of the church. Undeloh church from 12th century, though it did not look that old. Beautiful weather, so we could take off the jacket and a little later exposed the arms. Women nude, commerce dead (in Dutch this rhimes), our local shepherd Ger L. used to say. And men nude? Nothing!
I walked exactly to the North, just like yesterday. While walking, I decided not to follow the official road that I had pointed out, but instead to walk right over the heath northward, apart from the planned route. Up to Rosengarten, just below Hamburg. Beautifull moorland, like yesterday. Associations with the softy Dutch song “een herder en een herderinnetje”( “a shepherd and a shepherdess”‘ I believe Gert and Hermien or Rob de Nijs and associations with “oh Heideroosje, wat ben je mooi. O heideroosje, in je lentetooi`” Gee, and we were fans already of the Beatles and the Stones and later the Doors.
Anyway, SMS Noël: Rosengarten is no place where you can walk to; it is a region. We decided to book something in Hollenstedt. That means that instead of heading directly northward, I now had to bend to the West. A sharp bend. So Marlies, I did what you advise me every day. It also means that I had to walk extra mileage. And still walking astray here and there. I just hope that extra run causes no blisters.
One of the boys (from Ipanima ?, they wished) discussed the day. A three-bed room. Harry stays in the middle. There is a bath. I was promised a foot massage, for when I got out of the bath. I wonder how they will manage that. They are a bit naughty, L and N, but  a simpleton like me understands only half of their chat. Turk food or Italian? Turk is cheaper, so Turk. We are served by a handsome, very charming, yet innocent looking girl. Was möchte es sein? Lee, always behaving like a lumbar jack, informs interested after her love life. Which causes looks for help to Noel and to me. Fortunately, my phone rang, so I had to go outside. Noel pretended his nose was bleeding and that did not belong to our group. When I got inside … What did I find? Yes, yes lager. There is still some philosophizing about premarital musts and prohibitions for Turkish girls and Noël attacks his meal right after being served, without waiting until we are served too. Shows once again that civilization is only a thin shell.
Lee is just socializing at the bar. It´s striking that he is immediately involved in a deep discussion with a Dutchman who had been in the transport-logistics. He boasted having driven more than 40 million km in Scandinavia. Probably his km display was broken. He tried to upset my entire road plan, another ferry. And Scandinavia was dangerous, irresponsible, even for a resilient, junger Bursch like me. I asked why: crooks, women, blizzards? All that plus wolves and bears. So very likely that pretty soon I will be wearing a wolf – or bearskin.
Tosca must sleep in my room, but she rolls herself in the shit, so instead I leave her outside under a roof, on a matrass that I happened to find along the garbage on the road side.


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