Thursday April 30th 2015. Asaa, 23 km

Hier al meer rood gekleurde huizen, net zoals ik me herinner van Noorwegen Here already more red houses, like I remember from Norway. Also yellow
  En ook wel geel  En hier een belted Galloway, ook een primitief Schots rund, hoornloos, waarbij ook de lakenfeldertekening voorkomt A belted Galloway, primitive breed of cattle, without horns, originally from Scotland
 Ze schrijven mijn naam vaak verkeerd: Huijben!!

They often write my name wrong: Huijben!

Ff , na 4 uur wandelen zonder eten/drinken, mijn caffeïneshot toedienen in een snackbar bij de bushalte  After 4 h of walking without drinking I finally get my caffeineshot
Ook hier zonnepanelen. Nu nog zon. Solar energy here too. Where is the sun? Tweede hands bruiden te koop. Dat heb je in afgelegen gebieden in Europa May be they also sell 2nd hand brides (without head). That happens in remote areas
Deze is in de aanbieding, want heeft geen hoofd. Maar hopen dat de rest wel er aan zit! may be this is a sale, because she has no head. Hope she’s got the rest

Afsluiting van een goede, maar, zoals gebruikelijk, wat eenzame dag
The finish of a good but, like usual, lonesome day

Rain showers last night when I went to sleep and this morning when I woke up. And cold winds. Very unpleasant to hit the road. The thought flashed through my mind, staying here another day? But that would not be possible because of the schedule: somewhere I have to go to a veterinarian to ensure that Tosca gets the worm treatment, the Norwegian customs demands. This treatment must be done 12-24 hours before arriving in Norway . But where do I find a vet? During the weekend they are not on duty of course. If it is not possible on Monday, then it must be done today or tomorrow. Two vets didn’t answer the phone. Some of them were no vet at all, but a shop for pet supplies. One did not speak German or English. So all this keeps me very busy and looking at the I-pad takes such an awful lot of time and of course it needs WiFi. And during the day I walk.
I also agreed with filmmaker Rudi on meeting next Sunday in Frederikshavn so he can film me when I get on the boat to Oslo, Norway. In Oslo I should go directly to the headquarters of the Norwegian outdoor federation, to get a key that fits all of their cabins. Let’s hope, that this office is opened on Monday. I also want to rent a car at that Monday arrival in Oslo. I’ll drive that car over 7 hours to daughter Marieke. A few days later I’ll drive from Marieke back to Oslo, starting there the 640 km long Olavsweg untill Trondheim.So all measurering and calculating. If I do not walk or sleep I’m infrastructuring.
Finally I decided to change my plans and to take the ferry from Frederikshavn in Denmark to Oslo, Norway not on Sunday, but Monday night Otherwise there is no time to film with Rudi Then I’ll be one day less at daughter Marieke’s in Norway, but O.K., one has to compromise.
Luckily I got a text message and an email from Hannie from Spain. Dutch Dutch Hannie and Jan have been living in Spain for many years. Around New Year Hannie lent Jan to me and Jan and I walked together a couple of weeks on the Santiago route through the Pyrenees. Apparently Hannie still reads my blog and immediately googled an address of a veterinarian, Dronninglund. Although not exactly on my route, but only 13 km. detour. And yes, this afternoon I could go for the required treatment, Tosca then, of course. I was glad being helped so quickly and less happy because I had to pay 100 E for half a minute administering a pill to Tosca. I first went to recover at a snack bar. I was empty. After my breakfast I didn’t eat or drink for 5 h, only tramping in the cold wind. Fortunately it stayed dry, with occasional even a warming sun. The coffee and the bread cause miracles. Cheerfull and again one more problem solved (dog) I went on.

Here are more colored houses then in the South of Denmark, mostly red and yellow. White is always snow white. I never saw a little less white. Often corrugated iron roofs, that I think look a little shabby. Here too much for sale.
My route runs basically along the coast, but I don’t see much of it. In the distance, sometimes a very narrow view at the sea, but I must honestly admit, that the sea doesn’t attract me with this weather. Many homes have a boat.

Again I see a kite, you know some bird of prey, the size of a buzzard, but with forked tail, a falcon, a singing skylark, known for its continuous singing during flapping flight. Yellow buntings, a squirrel, a lot of old turf/peet fields, a few tiny scraps of heath, with the typical juniper, typical for heaths that are being overgrown by trees. Many ponies, mostly of breed Icelander, like also my Leon. Today the scenery was as a contrast to previous days almost completely flat and perpendicular, though with hedgerows and narrow strips of wood with wood anemones, daffodils etc. Occasionally Scottish Highland Cattle, which I also keep. Photo. A picture of the primitive Scottish, hornless cattle, the Galloway, with in this case, as an oddity, a white Lakenfelder belt. This fits my perception of back to basics. Another time I might take pictures of culture with a capital (C): Bilbao Guggenheim Museum? I would like to visit it some day and so on. What fascinates me, among others, is farming culture, because until recently it has not changed much since the Iron Age. The mechanization and fertilizer put everything upside down and the global migration to the cities began.
Just North of Hals stops a car. An elderly lady opens the window and asks something in acacadabra. The standard questions and standard answer. Yes, she had seen me walking the day before yesterday. Oh yeah, a little attention during my lonely journey is okay.

My interest in landscape and animals is obvious. My involvement with people and their well being is more difficult to capture with a snapshot of the camera.
On the way to the vet Tosca presented herself in the most possible feminine way, by making sure that she would not smell after the boss, but that instead she would really smell nice. And wallowed thouroughlly in the shitty slurry. Her way of good presentation. The others in the vet waiting room will enjoy. Others put their pet in the shower with soap or perfume. But Tosca is a big girl and decides for herself. What now? With some persuasion I get her in a river and with throwing some sticks even swimming. So, she is clean, but all wet and I now I am dirty and also wet unto my skin. Anyway, everything dried up in the road and that way I arrived at 1.30 pm at the vet in Dronninglund. An assistant inquired in good English after my trip, what food I gave to my dog, whether I missed my family. I almost replied yes and also my assistants, but given the crowds there in the waiting room I preferred talking businesslike.
Tosca was being weighed: 30 kg. Yes, such a weight pulls me on a busy road, if I’m not cautious, quite out of balance.
Another 7 km. and I was in Asaa, a village at the coast. On my way I finally see again an attempt to alternative power, solar panels. I thought those need sunshine. Those things do not work by itself. Pictures.
And then I see a store where used brides were for sale. One stood in the window, but she had no head. Probably a sale. See pictures. I pinned money and then on to the only camping site in the village.

Reception closed. Two telephone numbers at the door: both had an answering machine. So I go on to the TV room to eat a little and to start blogging. But half an hour later she was  there. I acted a little pathetic about a long journey, that should not be too expensive and it was too cold and dirty for the tent. She offered me a wooden house with 20% discount. And rightly so. There's even a little electric heater, that I turned on immediately. Tosca was put in a corner, down on her plate, attached to the line, and now I'm gonna look for yammie-yammie.
Tomorrow's route, 23 km. Saeby, does not have to be prepared, because it is just one long coastal road and in Saeby are several campgrounds. Maybe a bit later I get a chance to compare the prices and amenities. And when there will be time left, I want to check how I get a rental car in Oslo and where in Oslo I can get the key for cabins of the Norwegian Trekking Association. So always work enough. Not bored for even a second.

Dinner was typically Danish again: pizza or kebab at a Turk's. There are no other restaurants in Asaa, except for one far outside the village, on the water. Must be fish menu. And probably expensive. And far, three reasons to try a different kind of pizza than the usual quatro stagioni. It was so big that I stuffed myself. The boss asks if I mind if he opens the door wide so that the jellyfish odor can get out. First of all, I appreciate someone making an effort to keep their business up to scratch. Maybe he's aspiring a Michelin star? On the other hand, the baking air somewhat neutralizes the smoke that my other clothes smell like, still from the campfire the day before yesterday. There are washing machines on the campsite, but they are so big that I think they are intended for Napoleon's army. And that's too big for just my underware and a flannel shirt. before the things are dry I will be frozen. I'll wait until I'm in a youth hostel in Frederikshavn the day after tomorrow. Oladeladio. Avé and Hannie, thank you very much.

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