Thursday April 23rd 2015 Horsens 30 km

De snelste weg was ook de saaiste: fietspad langs 4-baansweg, hele dag                                                         Zelfs hier jeu de boules. Overal is het leefbaar, blijkbaar

The fastest way also was the most boring way, all day on a bicycle road       Even here jeu de boules. It’s nice living everywhere

Even na de foto lachte hij, echt waar!                                                         We starten met de baby in de snackbar tussen de middag

Lunch in a snackbar                                                                                                   Right after the picture the baby started laughing, really

De zee-inham bij Horsens, hier fjord genoemd      Laatste 3-4 km.s van Horsens naar camping       image   Tentje staat

The gulf of Horsens, here called a fjord                           Last 3-4 km from Horsens to camping                  My place at the camping                            Tent ready

Na bijna 7 uur nonstop wandelen is ze blij dat ze rust heeft            Waar leidt deze weg nou weer heen? Ik zeg altijd: niet lang pielen, op naar Vijlen

Tosca waiting and resting on a bed of leaves          Where does this lead to?

I was very glad I could sleep in a hut. It was empty, but fortunately there were still loose pieces of soft carpet on the floor. I piled three layers of the carpet upon my paper thin matrass, on top of that a plate and I slept like a prince, until at 7 am my alarm woke me up. Tosca was, fixed with her leash, in a corner and did not flinch tonight. I did not release her at night, because everywhere are cables to charge my electronic devices and I don’t want to take any risks. This morning it was all cloudy, 9 degrees C. and again that strong cold wind.
Showering,  next drying again under the hand dryer, just like yesterday, packing and leaving. At 8.45 we stopped at the bakery for bread.
Today, the route ran continuously along a busy four-lane road, although on the bike path, but not really cozy. Another, more quiet route would be many kilometres extra and as the route is already 30 km., I refrained from alternatives. Refueling in a snack bar. I instantly had a conversation with a Dane. He had worked as a carpenter in England, in Spain at 3 places and as a repairer of milking machines in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and R’dam. Spoke good English and Danish, and even mentioned that in the Netherlands many  people smoked “weed”. The snack bar’s wife had her 4-month-old baby positioned on the buffet. The little chap liked it because he laughed outright. Pictures. So here I had a chance to lubricate my voice.
Tosca stayed outside but behaved friendly.
Yeah, and then you’re approaching such a city. Shall I go to the campsite, isn’t expensive, but is situated 3-4 km. behind the town. If I do then, tomorrow, I’ll have to walk 3-4 km. back to the center, and it is very windy and cold besides. will there be, out of town, at the campsite, a place to eat? Or shall I go to the youth hostel? 3-4 times more expensive, but nice in the center, tomorrow no additional km., tasty hot breakfast. It was the camp. Why? For tomorrow evening in Skanderborg, rain is expected, so then I want to sleep in a youth hostel anyway. Therefore I must now, in order not to impose my budget  too much, live a little more primitive. I lie nicely on a elevated part of the camping and see in the distance the fjord. I tried to get a cabin at a discount price, but I did instead get offered a free bicycle to go tonight to the immigrants. If  our supernationalist politician Wilders gets his way, in the future no cheap eateries will remain in Europe.

I was still philosofying thinking why all this? Many ask me, and so did Ad, the cyclist yesterday. I have no clear answer. On my site I describe that the idea to do this pretty much originated in Mongolia, about 4 years ago. Those vast green plains, with its wild rivers. In the distance the mountains, even in June the tops covered with snow. And the nomads who still live there like the American Indians used to, with their horses, yaks and sheep / goat herds, which were halved in the extremely harsh winters by wolves. Wolves skins one could buy anywhere in the markets. The people were still living in their jurts, tents made of felt. Wooow. Doesn’t every European boy dream to be an American Indian or cowboy? Ultimately the plan was adapted to Western Europe, without yurts, but playing a tenting nomad with a credit card, GPS, handy and with an i-pad. Ad, whom I met yesterday on the bike, on his way from Limburg (Nl) to Stavanger (Norway), spoke about feeling good when you go deep. For me, the word “Wanderlust”, a kind of sense of freedom, adventure because of the unknown, the unplanned, competitive spirit, do something original, in my case with horse and dog. A little bit of everything. Dedicated to Mama Alice, O.K.
And what it will bring to me ? Who knows, on verra, quisas. anyway (for now), when I get home, being satisfied with constantly at my fingertips all the security and luxury required for the day to come: heat, a roof over your head, bed, food, coffee !, companionship, transportation, you name it. Furthermore, putting things in its perspective: everywhere there are people who make or don’t make it in their lives. That counts everywhere (though “ist bei uns in S-Limburg all besser” !, even provoke!). 99% of the people I met during my trip are foreigners: almost everyone nice, French, German, Dutch, Belgian, Danish. And although the country’s way ‘is the nation’s honor’, all those cultures come down to the same few things. It is therefore particularly exciting that I in myprofession could have a little insight into the worlds of many and that world is not essentially different here from at ours. I knew that before, but it’s good to experience this one more. People everywhere are the same: you have luu (persons), potluu (pencils) and perreplu (umbrellas) (dutch game of words).
So enough philosophizing. I need to find a bike to go to the pizzeria. It’s past 6 pm. Tent is ready, Tosca is tied up next to her filled food bowl and keeps waiting until I’m back and we’ll go into our cage.

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