Thursday April 16th 2015. Flensburg 33 km

Duitse humor: bij bushalte staat een skigondel mit EinlageGerman humour. Near the busstop is a ski-gondel mit Einlage

Close upClose up

Ook hier landschapsbeheer met vee. Zo voel ik me thuis.Heather and moors with sheep on the Luneburgerheide. Here I feel home

imageThe willow bushes here are still hibernating. Flowering home in febr.

Praatje onderweg met sportieve 65-er op de fiets.Brief chat with a 65 + man on his bike

Aanduiding E-1[caption id= trail mark

Ik zit nog steeds op de E-1 langeafstandsroute dwars door Europa This still is the E-1 trans Europe trail from the S of Italy to the North of Norway


Aanduiding Santiagoroute indication Santiago trail

Pelgrimsroute Santiago en E-1

Deze wilgenkatjes moeten nog uitlopen. Bij ons al in febr.!

Kerkje ergens ten zuiden van Flensburg Little church somewhere South of Flensburg

Middagpauze in schuilhut langs Ochsenweg. Tosca warm bladerbed Lunch break in a cabin at the Ochsenweg. Tosca has a warm nest

Wow, een overvliegende rode wouw. Die hoopt natuurlijk dat ik het loodje leg, domoor! A milan , bird of prey. He/she is hoping I will starve, the dummy

Fixatiesysteem van het rietdak met stokken. Nooit eerder gezien. Fixation of the straw (hatched?) roof with sticks. Never seen before

Now it is 6:46 pm. I arrived at my backpackers hostal. Tosca is at the leash in my room, otherwise she makes a nest on a bed, with digging included. I’m tired, hungry, and doubting whether I should take a day off here and, though I’m in a good mood, I’m not in the Laune ( mood) to write very much. I must still go shopping for Tosca and for myself, find a cheap immigrant to eat, write my blog. The film camera, that I was given by filmmaker Rudi, I accidentally disturbed. That’s a little shit. Rudi has emailed me the instructions, but I believe that covers dozens of pages. And if I will continue to walk tomorrow, I’ll go to the Danish border and Rudi wants me to film that memorable moment. Of course I can still shoot with my own camera, or with my handy. I also need one day off, to specify my route through Denmark and what my possible shelters will be in Denmark. The hostel is saying that the current dog room isn’t free any more tomorrow. I can get another dog room, but that one will be a lot more expensive. If I succeed in resetting Rudi’s camera tonight it will get late and I won’t get anough sleep, and I can not afford that with my slight head cold/rhinitis in the cold wind, with every day my geriatric resistance being attacked.
Anyway, today I  felt good again. No problems with muscles, blisters or shoulders. It was a peaceful route, with Tosca enjoying her day. A lot of deer, a kite, a bird op prey, recognizable by its forked tail. Photo. Again I had one of those many short chats with a passer-by, a 65-year-old man on a road bike. Photo. Here it is an undulating, hilly and certainly quieter rural area than usually in the NL. Again I was lucky anough to find a cafetaria. I usually walk the first 3-4 hours non stop. Take an apple or orange during a short break. A few hours later, just around two, I take a 20-30 min. lunch break and I eat the breakfast containing 4 slices of bread with toppings. During the afternoon some fruit and c’est ca. Is there still an Imbiss, then of course coffee, always two at a time, and some sweets. Tosca also gets some kibble noon. Usually Tosca’s energy is mostly gone upon arriving in the afternoon and she is quiet until the next day, apart from a brief washing her hands (paws) before the night. So, now I must stop. It is 7.19 pm.

The shopping: buying my dinner and dog food. Instead of an Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, bratwurst or McDonalds, I saw in the supermarket a buffet with salads and vegetables for sale. And as an old goat still loves a green leaf,  I took a lot of the salads, thought of the few slices of bread I still had left in my backpack, took a big pudding for dessert, Frolic for Tosca and I was fix und fertig. After shopping I strawled another hour through the center of Flensburg. Actually, it is one long street with a lot of historic buildings and a small number of short side streets and a beautiful church, and a port and that’s pretty much it. Furthermore, the whole evening on the one hand talking on the phone with Rudi about the camera and on the other hand the so-called infrastructuring, organizing my trip through Denmark. Let’s hope I can stay here an extra day to rest a little. It is fascinating, exciting but time-consuming and tiring.


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