Thursday 23 oct. 2014 from Cabezas to Utrera. More than 30 km.

Dangerous walking

On my way from Sacramento – Las Cabezas to Los Palacios. Today I had hardly anything to eat or to drink. In the shade the temperature was far above 30 degrees C. According to brother Jack temperatures in the sun on asphalt will get over 50 degees C. !! ?? According to the T.V. the October temperature records are broken throughout Spain. I must admit this was a TV in an insignificant cafe, but there seemed some truth about it. Arriving at a bridge of which crossing was completely irresponsible, I decided to go back 10 km and to change my way to another city, Utrera, road number 8030. I called today’s road the via dolorosa. Perilous. Trucks from two sides, which raced very close past us, while I stood pressed against the guardrail with my two darlings. What was supposed to be a nice short route finally turned out to be more than 30 tough km. Tosca’s soles are wound because of the many km sharp pebbels and now she wears dog booties. Nothing more dear than one’s family. First they break your car, then they let you starve because that was my own wish,according to them, while in the meantime they enjoy themselves sitting in a beautiful historic Spanish town in the shade with a beer. Real magistrates. And I, the ordinary working man, almost on my way to after live. Michael wrote in his diary the opposite. While they are getting bored in a dusty, hot city, they suppose I have a delightfull walk with horse and dog in the sun roaming between oleander and rosemary, under the eucalyptus trees. At last we arrived somewhere between Utrera and Seville. The car was fixed and I, exhausted, got picked up by my brothers from the side of a road under a railway bridge. I sometimes think of that rhyme: this is number one and the fun has just begun, roll me over, lay me down and do it again. Nothing the like. Nevertheless striking, those names: first Plasencia, later Facina and now Utrera. Is that uterus (womb) or urethra (urethra)? My girlfriend Tosca (animal) is lying on the cool room floor totally broken. Wifi here is extremely slow, so adding pictures to my blog is impossible. But the beer is cool and that makes up for it. How dangerous it is to walk on the roads here I will report next time. Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, I hope to cross the big city of Sevilla. Brrrr. Horrible.

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