Thursday 17 oct. 2014 Tarifa

After another succesfull day of travelling we arrived in the utmost south of Europe: Tarifa. Michiels cellphone showed a welcome message to African Marocco. We almost thought we were lost. From our camping the African mountains in Marocco are quite visible. During my trip I almost got a little nervous: soon I would crawl over slippery wet mountains in the rain, many hours on narrow curvy roads in the Andalucian hills, where one is hardly noticed by the traffic, 28 degrees C., without a sidewalk. Many kilometers through the urban agglomoration of Sevilla. How will I ever be able to pass this urban agglomeration of more than a million people with a horse and an excited young dog? Its many bridges without a sidewalk? 30 Km. a day. There should be pilgrims paths. But where? And where will I find a place to sleep with a dog and a horse? No panic. I have so many amulets, religious medals, insignes, Christophe, the holy virgin Mary and a relict of Benedictus and after all myself. Another beer. That will help. Tosca started a policedog education back in Holland. What she learnt most is continuous barking against anything moving. Very nice when you are at a quiet camping. Pony Leon has a completely dry field behind the camping, where only grow picky thisles, so sharp, that even a donky wouldn’t eat that. On the horse field were parked many old campers. The horse will not damage the campers? , the camping guardian asked. Of course not, we answered. We were worried that horse Leon, frustrated about his poor field, might cick holes in one camper after the other. Moreover I am worried about my jeep. I hear an unusual noice and as long as Jack and Michiel don’t read my blog they don’t know yet, that a little lamp in my dashboard has been shining lately. My second hand jeep cherokee drove almost 300,000 km. of which I did most, poor car. I assured my two hermanos (brothers) that I expected the jeep to get into trouble only past 300,000 km., which means on their way back to the Netherlands. No problem for such big chaps.

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