Sunday July 5th 2015. Rävfallstugan 23 km

Bij herhaling komen wij de "oranje" Zuid-Zweedse tegen, die ook de Kungsleden loopt, om de drukte van de stad te ontvluchten. Zij tent.

Each time again we meet the “orange” from South- Sweden, who also walks the Kungsleden, to escape from the busy city. She tents.

Traditioneel Samenhuisje

Traditional Samen house

Vroegere Samenwoning

Old time Samen dwelling


Vertrek uit Ammarnäs

Leaving Ammarnäs


Han op de Kungsleden, het koningspad

Han on Kungsleden, the kings road

Hoog in de bergen in Lapland, het land der Samen

In the mountains of Lapland, land of the Samen


Bijna bij de hut Rävfallstugan

Almost at our cabin Rävfallstugan


Saunahuisje aan de overkant

Sauna house at the other side of the river

Han maakt sauna klaar van hut Rävfallstugan

Han  prepares sauna of Rävfallstugan

Han maakt sauna klaar             

Samenhut van binnen Samenhut inside

Kerkje Ammarnäs

Church Ammarnäs

Nog eens


Boh, it was tough, those first few hours in the mountains. It struck both Han and me that our calf pain of dredging through the snow a few days ago, was over. Tos happily went well today and pulled pretty straight forward and regular. We saw no reindeer. However, a fox and lemmings. Wonderful landscape. Reminded me at the beginning of my dream in Mongolia. Endless, empty landscapes, mountains at all horizons, covered with snow. Beautiful weather, but with a still nice and cool breeze. If the wheather here would be like this every summer, I would like to come back every year: endless nature, silence, no people, snow, sun, water, views. We paused at the highest point. “Walking Boris” (peeing). It turned out to be the best pis we ever had. Tosca was allowed to run free. After her afternoon snack she was full of untamed energy again and like always she is quite tough at a belt. Because of the reindeer she had had to be kept at the leash again a little later. She went on leash foelle poelle (full speed) down the mountain, which caused my shoulder joint to ache. After 7 hours instead of the described 9 we finished the stredge. We passed a suspension bridge. The sauna belonging to the cabin, we saw right across the river, right at the water. A beautiful place at a wild river.
At Rävfallstugan we meet Darius from Canada, Kelona. Darius studied communication sciences in Stockholm. He wanders on the 450 km. Kungsleden, but then in the opposite direction. A Swede whom we encountered on the way, said that a bit further North of here, South of Abisko, he had to walk with snowshoes, to get through the snow. But Darius just had completed that route on his athletic shoes and pants, of which the cross under the bottom was ripped wide open. Moreover, his whitish trousers were now black and brown. 

We eat all three of us our compact meals on the wooden terrace. Han went to the river preparing the sauna, while I did some talking with the Pakistani-looking Canadian Darius. He studied in Canada, Groningen (Nl), somewhere in Germany and now in Gothenburg. The population of Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands are among the five most satisfied peoples, said Darius. That's one of the reasons why he considers to live in Sweden. Everywhere on my way I meet emigrants, as apparently Darius Pakistani parents were and Darius himself again. When I think about myself, I must note again that I am very satisfied with my little peace of Limburg. Veer hubbe heij alles noavenant, the sjoenste meidskes vaan 't land .... etc (here we've got everything all right, the most beautifull girls of the country...) sings a Maastricht Carnival song. Damn right!
The sauna was lovely. Freezing river water over your head. Han and Darius held on longer than I did. I had sweated plenty of minerals while walking, with controlling my wild fury Tosca. Only those damn mosquitoes, even if you come out of the sauna before cooling off in the river. According to Han, there are hardly any mosquitoes. But on Tosca's black fur there are often ten together. On the snow she is constantly rolling upside down of silliness, but possibly also because of the itching. Probably the bitches like Han much better than me. I'm like "das rote Pferd" (German carnival song about horses and mosquitoes). Anyway, back to the sauna story. Did you leave the sauna, to cool down in the icy river, I felt the bugs attacking me. So I thought one sauna lap was enough. But there are standards of how many rounds one should make.
 Water for dinner and for cleaning the dishes, or to scrub our snouts, we had to get outside the cabin, to the 100 m. deeper river and a couple hundred meters away from our cabin.
 Han put his tent. Darius and I each have our own large room where we could make a choice out of 8 bunks. Because it doesn't get dark all night, it's hard to fall asleep at the end of another successful day

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