Sunday May 3rd 2015. Still in my camping cabin in Seaby (Denemark)

Paulette met de Hulk Paulette with the hulk    Filmen op het strand  Filming on the beach  image                   Rudi impressario


image Opnames vanaf een pier Filming from a pier  Terug naar de campinghut  Back to the camping cabin              In de hut

Every green house here seems to have a grapevine. Seems special here

What can I report on today? Anyway perfect weather: sunny and reasonable temp, 14 gr, despite some cold wind.. We keep laughing about the Danes, who are in T-shirts with bare arms and shorts outside in their garden or on the bike, while we still wear at least three layers of cloths. Many homes have a greenhouse. Like it is a fashion in the Netherlands to buy a winter hardy fig tree for a lot of money, which in winter invariably is severely damaged, if still living at all anyway, after the winter, so here people ivariably try to get here a southern atmorphere in their house by planting a grape vine or a fig tree in the greenhouse. Preferably with still a few shriveled grape bunches at it from last year.
Tosca, the tough luck, has kept quiet last night’s, so I could sleep without being disturbed.
Today would be dominated by filming. It was so beautiful that if there were no wind, you’d picture yourself on a tropical beach with palm trees. Tosca was the first time in her life in the sea, in a real one. Later, Rudi did some filming in the nearby village of Saeby and at the camping. Tosca has, believe it or not, the fourth leg of the deer and  finished it all again. The spine she had  devoured before, together with the ribs. Now we still need to find the head and  then she has swallowed an entire deer skeleton in one week.
Afterow filming, I ask Rudi to emphasize exactly what he wants to emphasize in his documentary and, of course, why, here with me. And the other side I am always being asked why my choice for this trip.
The Hungarian writer Georgy Konrad was asked what he thought was the meaning of life. I have heard various answers: Life is a cinnamon stick; everyone sucks and gets his share. Well, all right then. Georgy gave a somewhat more nuanced answer: if you ask someone about the meaning of life, he’ll respond with his life history. Hey, that answer is not only funny, but also good.

By analogy, I respond to the question why one makes a choice, for example, why did I choose this tour, with a description of the circumstances. The situation brings you to a decision. Such a description of the reason is also more nuanced than the usually required short statements. Bit difficult, huh?
Rain is forecast for tomorrow and the day after. Then I can finally do some bad weather filming,  otherwise my journey looks like one big party.
Almost another country has been crossed on foot. Then it is about time again to emphasize once more that the journey is entrusted to Mama Alice. We all together gathered more than 8000 E. For sure it must be possible to pass 10,000. On the opening page of my site is the chapter of Mama Alice. Click on that and you’ll find all necessary information on how we can surpass that 10,000. That’s what we all want, right? My journey has been, despite my occasional lamentation, one large luxury compared to the plight of street children in Fréderiques Peru.
Bona, bona, bona notte, bambino mio. Is not that Rocco Granato, singer of Marina?




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