Sunday May 10 2015 Eidsvoll. 13 km + 4 up and down the center

Auto geparkeerd bij Best Western, even buiten Oslo. Begin wandeling With Paul in Best Western Oslo. Start walk   Samen met passant in klederdracht op foto  posing with Norwegians in national dress   Markering pelgrimsroute. Paul en ik   With paul in front of a sign of Olavsway.    En route    Taalverwarring. Plaatsen voor 60 + ersLanuage confusion: Peeing for 60 +?

                On the way                                                             

Voyeurist  Billboards against discrimination of homosexuals etc.
 Sonja nam een advertentiedoek mee voor Mama Alice, op mijn rugzak Sonja brought me a strip with “Mama Alice”.
Mooie route  Onderweg
Nice route

Stabbur, opslagplaats op pootjes Stabbur, storage barn with legs  Sonja onder routemarkering  Sonja in front of trail sign  image            image

Aankomst bij ons onderkomen in Eidsvoll: oude pastorie Arrival at our destination in Eidsvoll: old ministers house.
Oesj vindt toneelkleding in de pastorie Oesj finds theatre clothing.  Parkje rondom de pastorie, ons onderdak Little park around our lodge. Binnen Best Western. Mergelland verkeerd geschreven!Inside Best Western. The name of our Dutch region “mergelland”spelled wrong                                                    

I look out of the window of the hostel. Early in the morning I see someone walking around the building with my Tosca. Fine, then she’s been walked. Or is she bothering someone? I get up, get breakfast, check today’s route, all in anticipation of the arrival of my visitors. When the reception lady understood that I was the boss of Tosca, she told me friendly but very clearly that she should have known that Tosca was locked up down in the conference room in the basement. I say, Should I have informed you or that the job of your colleagues last night? I didn’t tell her that the man that I saw this morning walking Tosca around the building, was the same  one who was at yesterday’s front desk, otherwise he might get a problem. I bring Tosca outside and let her wait next to the entrance, tied of course. Now I have to tell you that this dog gets absolutely crazy with excitement whwn she sees balls being thrown or kicked around. A couple went outside playing table tennis. The barking did not stop any more. I move Tosca 50m. away. 5 Min. later, two children play soccer, right next to her. She gets so excited that her place got excavated  by her jumping and she almost strangles herself by shortening her lease by twisting laps around the pole. Then again 20 m. more away I tie her behind bushes. The footballing children were left in the meantime. The horse Leon is indeed gone, but this trip stays a strain, huh masochist? Remember you are following a pilgrimage route. Yesterday I experienced again the luxury of sitting in a car, constant temperature, not a burden on your back. Filmer Rudi early in his interview asked whether I was longing for the end of my journey. As for certain aspects certainly, but other sides of my enterprise I enjoy. I am very curious about Norway, the cabins, Lapland and I have good expectations. Meanwhile, my monster is incessantly barking again (10 a.m. in the morning). I’ll make a little walk with him, at the expense of my preparation of today’s route.
At 10.30 am. my visitors arrive. With the visitors car we drove to the edge of the urban center of Oslo, at a Best Western hotel, where my visitors want to return at the end of the week (without me) and next, let’s get out, start of first stage.
Scenic route with good weather, along unruffled water, or at least fewer wrinkles than I’ve got. Trees showing beaver damage.
In the b
eginning of 1800 a Norwegian Constitution was being made and signed in a kind of farm in Eidsvollbygningen where we pass. We drink coffee and watch an exhibition with big signs on discrimination, inter alia, of gay sexuality. photo.
At 5 pm., as planned, we reach Eidsvol. We nestled ourselves in the old rectory, an important, big house, with park surrounding it. Those old time ministers were not stupid. The house was icy cold. However beautiful lovely antique fireplaces in every room, but if those are not burning they are not of much use. We walked to the center of the village to get money. Atm inoperative. The restaurant, beautifully situated on the waterfront, where we had planned to have diner, was already closed. We go to a Chinese restaurant and go to bed early. Tosca in the garage on an old mattress, so luxury for her.

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