Sunday July 12th 2015. Kvikkjokk. 12 km. and 4 km. by motor boat



Tosca blijft enthousiast. Vindt steeds weer prooi

Tosca stays enthusiastic. Always finding a prey.

Jan en ik komen aan in Kvikkjokk

Jan and I arriving in Kvikkjokk.

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation, incl. Wasmachine

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation, incl. laundry machine.

Nog eens Fjällstation Kvikkjokk.

Once more Fjällstation Kvikkjokk

All the skies are blue (bis) sings a song. So it was. The hottest day so far in Lapland. I notice that I am ready for good food and a good night’s sleep. Lately the rationing was only minimal and then one soon walks on his gums, especially with those clouds of bullies around you. On a long, very steep stretch down with also every now and then a fallen tree on the “path”, we quickly covered the 12 km. to the river. There the boat man was called and he brought us to Kvikkjokk. But not after the boss proudly showed us a beautiful waterfall. He said that in the 18th century Linnaeus himself had been here in Kvikkjokk, or perhaps came from Kvikkjokk. You know, the man who organized the plant system. The effigy of Linnaeus adorns the Swedish paper money. What a cultural cruise across the water to kvikkjokk! We check in at the Fjallstugan, buy macarony with tomato juice for supper. I add another half a sausage that I’ve been carrying with me since 4 days. Jan did not want the sausage. And then all the clothes in the loundry machine. Blogging. Getting the pictures of Thursday and Friday on the blog takes forever, so I do not know if that will work out.

We overdubb and count. I keep preferring Kungsleden to Abisko village, my original plan. Jan wants to walk to Abisko town by the longer but rougher route of the Padjelanta trail .
  The clothes from the loundry are soaking wet. If not dry tomorrow, I might stay one day longer here. An advantage could be that in that case I can go to the tourist office. Then I can still decide which trail to go. After Abisko Jan and I could possibly join again and walk the next 350 km together, to Kautokeino in Norway, the Samen capital. Hence each of us will walk separately the last 250 km. to  Cape North on his own. Jan does not want to go to Cape North, but to another northerly point of Europe and he wants to cover the last 250 km. hitchhiking. Otherwise he won’t   make it this summer to join his girl friend in Oslo and to go with her to a hippy festival in Copenhagen. Maybe something for me?

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