Sunday January 25th 2015 Saint Révérien 15 km

Seeing us off in the morning departure from Cervenon The landlady is seeing us off upon departure this morning from Cervenon


Caféhoudster en Chistophe

Het daghet in den oosten
Het lichtet overal
Hoe luttel weet mijn minnekien
Al waar ik henen zal
(Elckerlijk, An historic epic long ago)
Cozy breakfast with the four of us, along with another French couple and a young French-Italian couple, of which she did most of the talking. The last two were living in Paris, were (still) childless and they wanted a weekend to escape the Parisian huzzle. Maybe they didn’t appreciate our maternal activity.
Jos went home after one night after delivering Sonja and Brigitte. Waving goodbye to Jos, picking up Leon from his pasture, 150 m. up the road, and hitting the road late, only at 11 o’clock, because I wanted the ladies to have an easy start. Last night and today Leon got some concentrate. We already had that last night, which slightly inflated my belly.

Caféhoudster en Chistophe
The snow had been away since a few hours, the road was nice and pretty quiet and we arrived at 3:30 pm at the home of pilgrims in Saint Révérien. The entrance was through a side door of the town hall, one room, containing the kitchen, the shower and two beds (see photo). Because we do not fit with three in a bunk bed, I imagined one bed for Bri and Sonja together and another for me? The toilet is outside, behind the town hall, a 75 m. walk. In one of the toilet-houses is the button to turn on the light in the other sjietes (toilets). Not exactly convenient. The manager himself came an hour later to make acqaintance. He had turned on the heater in the outside toilet house. Such a luxury! Imagening we would sit down to read the newspaper! Where did you leave Leon ?, he asks. After a tour of the village, eventually around the corner of our building a gate gave way to a garden. A very angry man with wild rolling eyes comes out of the house, who I do think I am and what I’m doing there. While I quietly listened to his bluster, his calm wife came out. She recognized directly in my devout expression the righteous pilgrim. After minor consultation everything was already settled: Leon could stay in their pasture. You see? Anyway all of us have shelter again. Now still arranging shelter for tomorrow. Neither in our poor shelter nor elsewhere in the village was wifi, so impossible to find addresses of chambres d’hotes on the internet. The phone has no coverage in our home. For that you had to go outside some 50-100 m., on the square. Hopeless. Breaks you up. After 3 hours slogging we still had not found anything. Let’s first eat. So we’ll survive at least today, before we might freeze to death tomorrow. At last I did an SMS call to sister-Lil, because she can cause miracles: a necessary condition to be later canonized to sainthood. But Lil had a leak in the house and a husband who right now was a few days away for work. So Lils magic probably went to her present plumber. Then tomorrow early in the morning we’ll just go on to the unknown. And now the chickens go roost, because tomorrow will be a long day, that’s for certain. Is this fun? Son and Bri were, I believe before 7 pm. all flat down on their beds. Like they were broken. I did not know that I was so exhausting for “the” women. I thought this was it for today, but while the beauties were already near their REM sleep, I received from Lilian an address of some Ms. Pompone. The son of mme Pompone said that tomorrow at 12 noon we had to confirm, whether we would come or not. From collegue Marietje we also got an address. She had some trouble with finding an address for us. But eventually Marietje found an shelter address at the house of two naturists. Oh, if we only have a warm bed and hot water, we are o.k. with everything. We are already used to anything. If necessary we can wash in the jacuzi ( how do you spell that ? ) if there is no shower , while our host / men ? (also hostess ? ) are running naked through that house. But those naturists didn’t answer the phone. They did not know what they were missing, dummies! And then there was a so-called English B & B where we were welcome , but I didn’t understand even one word of the English of my party line. So we continued in French. That attempt failed too. Eventually we chose for mrs. Pompone’s address . I awakened my ladies with the good message , to hand them directly back to the sleeping man.

infrastructuring inn infrastructuring in the inn 

Ik wil ze schoon tussen de witte lakens I want them to go to sleep clean    Our pilgrim shelter at night in Saint Révérien. Lookout on shower

most right and far left door is pilgrim shelter. In the middle of town most right and far left door is pilgrim shelter . In mid-town city hall

]  Our pilgrim shelter at night in Saint Révérien.   Breakfast at Cervenon, Sonja and Brigitte Breakfast at Cervenon, Sonja and Brigitte   Tosca in a corner of the room Tosca in a corner of the room [/ caption]

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