Sunday February 1st 2015. Chablis, wine town. 17 km

Cozy breakfast. Waving goodbye to the leaving girls at Moulin de la Coudre at 9.30. En route at 10 a.m. A cold wind is blowing, but fortunately constantly in our backs, so strolling without really getting cold. Many vineyards. That’s what Chablis is known for. See picture. In Beine we asked the way to the local pub, but when we got there after some wandering it turned out to be … closed. In Bein, another beautiful village again, we paused on a bench, had some bread, cheese and ham scrabbled from a deep plastic bag. Because of the short route and also because the bar was closed, we expected to in Chablis very early . And so we did. However, we found our hotel closed untill 3.30, so we still had to wait 1.5 hours. Back into the village of Chablis. One and all wine village. Everywhere boutiques, dégustation, caves etc, but only for wine. Finally we found a coffee shop, where we fortunately could get lager, the first thing we drank today. Often they have Leffe, Heineken, Grimbergen. We took Grimbergen. Mmm. But, no wifi in the cafetaria. Jos notices that, even in the somewhat chauvinistic, sometimes xenophobic France, globalization didn’t reach this region yet, because he saw for sale an American Weber BBQ, like the one he bought 20 years ago. Selective perception, I said. There you go, Jos replied, and if he says so it’s true. After checking in in our hotel and after the friendly receptionist pointed us out everything, we have, of course enjoying a necessary chablis, to work again a couple of hours at infrastructuring, a neologism invented by us. After 3 hours we had a reservation, viz. For Thursday and two options for Friday and Saturday. And now à la table.
[ Caption id = ” attachment_4176 ” align = “align none” width = “300” ]  Jos for his Chablis Jos in front of his Chablis [ / caption ] [ caption id =” attachment_4178 “align = ” align none ” width = ” 300 ” ]  Jos and I had the dining room to ourselves Jos and I had the dining room to ourselves [ / caption ]

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