Sunday December 7th 2014 Agès. 36 km.

Cornflowers in the shoulder Cornflowers on the roadside 


stable under a house


Eulalie, zo heet mijn wisentstier

Because today was gonna be such a long route, I wanted to go to bed early yesterday in the mill in Tardajos . But on Saturday all bars and cafeterias are very crowded. I wanted to get Tosca inside at 10 p.m. Same story as in Leon, viz. I had to pass by the entrance with Tosca in order to get her from her place at one corner of the mill to my room at the other corner. And there constantly were smokers outside the entrance door. I’ll simply go to sleep early all dressed. Because that’s not comfortable I will wake up soon again and then I can go and see once more, if the coast is free. Finally, at 11 pm I had my chance. After being outside for many hours on her piece of cardboard with plastic under it, rolled in her jacket against the cold, I could put Tosca in my shower room. The other day I only needed to turn on the sprinkler to flush her hair on the floor to the well. No sooner said than done. While I was cleaning the bathroom this morning, I tie the monster very tight onto a bed leg, so she can not jump on it. The bitch starts scratching with one leg over the sheets. After a scolding she starts to scratch herself extensively: damn puta perra. I have to start cleaning all over again. Then I better leave immediately into the cold, 7.30 in the morning.

I get Leon from his field, 500 m away from the mill, pack him and off we go: On the road. Leon, happy finally to be able to move again, after one day and two nights on a rope on a lawn, tore herself free and enthusiastically enjoyed his freedom. With a full load at a gallop through the plowed fat clay. And Tosca hunted behind him barking. My bleating did not help, did however awake most of the neighborhood.
After having walked 45 min. on the way I thought I heard a text message coming in. Let’s have a look. My left pocket was empty. And that is the permanent site for the handy. Must have fallen out while racing after Leon in the clay. So necessarely I had to go back. Following the horse tracks in the mud I should find that mobile. Bah, back with horse and dog and forth dredging on the tracks through this wet mess. Thus wasting time on this long, difficult day to Burgos. Without a mobile phone, I cannot book a hostel, not reach my loved ones. Damn, this extra time searching means I will never arrive before dark, I must still go all the way through Burgos, and then I still have to see if I can go along with the accommodation (with or without food) for my animals. But after missing my mobile I still heard that SMS message or was that imagination? I once more checked all pockets. Know your own body. Possibly next the body of your neighbor. What was that between my underpants and trousers, fixed pending above my camachen (which is nothing sexual , but ankle / calf protectors against rain and snow)? Phew, what a relief: the handy. So you see, all those incredibly finicky things that seem unimportant, but that determine everything. The drizzle did not bother us. The animals ran again like nothing, the scenery was beautiful and the route clear. That is to say, to Burgos. Because yesterday I had explored the track to Burgos allready without my animals. Yesterday on that path to Burgos I found a pretty good glove. I picked it up right away. Tonight it can dry and it’s ready for tomorrow. Well that fits well, because the horse’s rope is always dirty, cold and wet. But I lost the glove. Holy sh …
! And hip hi, today, on the road to Burgos, I found it again. That dumb glove meant to fool me. It should get up earlier. Deh da du doa! (There you go!).
Passing through Burgos a man told me: I’ll accompany you, so you do not have to go through the city center. The goody guided me 8 to 10 km. through beautiful parks of the city and next with the help of my GPS I passed the city until I got back on the Camino de Santiago. I loved it.
In the village of Cardeñuela-Riopico, only one street, the local band played in front of the local café: 2 players and a drummer. That I filmed. Especially for my film they were playing something and were talking all the time about “sombrero”. Until finally it turned out that this was the name of the song. Laughter in the crowd. So we have our fun moments. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.
Furthermore, I was reminded of Eulalie. Years ago my two bisons got, according to my plan, a calf. French niece Amélie asked what was the name of the calf. No name. Just calf. Amélie called the calf Eulalie, a saint that I had never heard of. Helas, Eulalie did not survive. Well, then we give that name to the father bison, who didn’t have a name yet either. So now a huge bison bull is living in the pasture next to our house, named Eulalie. See picture. So while  walking I have funny, and sometimes less funny associations and I enjoy it.
And now I’m in a beautiful hamlet, Agès. Many beautiful old traditional stone houses, many built with logs and mud. The animals are housed in an ancient barn, under a historical home, snuggle in the straw, Leon with good hay and Tosca close to him, in tasty straw. Pictures. So again we finished a day satisfied. And who knows what else will await us . Only one major concern, the address for tomorrow, in connection with the animals. Yeah, I can not help that it is more of the same. In about 5 d. I’ll get company and I hope that I can laugh more then.

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