Sunday August 30st 2015. Cottessen, Nl. (home)

Welkom thuis

Welcome home.


Traveling in the camper I compesated more or less for the very bad night in my tent. I finished all the newspapers and weekly magazines I found in there. The book of Joris Luyendijk too. I made a few lists of things that I wanted to arrange little by little after my arrival home, wrote a few letters and thus I passed the day.
Along the way in Germany we had the usual traffic jams, but before dark we were home in Cottessen. There I found a decorated house and a garden with quite some relatives as a welcoming committee. The weather was beautiful. Full moon. We sat outside and ate, drank, talked and hopefully will live long and happy.
 Actually, I should write an evaluation of my trip, but I’m not sure yet about that. So for the time being there won’t be an evaluation in my blog.
The next couple of years, I want to work out my experiences, for example, by reading a lot about about the regions and cities that I walked through, exchanging experiences and impressions with others, and  then I can use my travel blog as a guide for dealing with a number of topics that fascinate me .
I hope to be able to tell my impressions to groups such as schools, associations, service clubs, etc., in the months to come, asking them to do a free gift for Mama Alice.
 I would like to remind everybody of the street children in Peru, which is the commitment of ngo Mamma Alice.
Thank you again for the comments on my blog.
 End of blog.

Geef uw mening