Sunday April 27th 2015 Aarhus – Randers 40 km.

Het soort films waar mijn Deense kamergenoot naar kijkt                                 Hier veel voorkomende griil-snackbars, zoals bij ons de frietentent                       Tosca vind resten van een ree

The kind of CD’s my room mate always watches                         Here many grill snackbars, like in the Nl French fries       Tosca finds rests of a roe deer

Mmmmm, zo'n reeënpoot           Zo loop ik dus de laatste dagen    Uitzicht vanaf een bank langs de weg      Aankomst in Randers

I love it. Leg of a roe deer                                           This is how I’ve been walking lately                 View from a bench at the side of the road          Arrival in Randers

Heel nieuw centrum, modern. Is hier oorlog geweest? Quite modern center of Randers. Was it destroyed in the war?

Going back to my arrival last night at the youth hostel in Aarhus. I enter my room: 6 bunk beds. In two of those people were sleeping, at about 3:30 pm. One looked like a southern type, the other a young, blond, pasty guy. Nobody said anything. All right with me. Weird that there is a large screen on the table in the small room, with a movie about some alien force on the screen. I spread out my stuff, put all the electronic devices in the sockets, give Tosca food and drinks, do some infrastructuring on the I-path and go shopping. Aarhus is a port town. The crack is the eateries and nightlife and it was very crowded everywhere. So here life seems good. Finally back in my room, two persons are still lying motionless in their nest, but, while I am fuzzing around a little, the young guy who seems to Danish, got up from the bed restlessly, went back to bed, left the room, came back, everything without saying anything. I thought, what kind of stiff people is this. Well, who cares? I shower and, considering the long next day to come I went to sleep at 9.30 pm. Apparently the wake up alarm for the Dane. When I go to sleep, he  turns on the lamp at his bed, so that the bright light illuminates the entire room. He watches his screen and starts watching fight movies for hours, fortunately in silence. Outside, right under our window, turned out to be some public place, bursting with people, making a noice like a public market, but O.K., I fell asleep anyway. Suddenly, late at night, I wake up and hear someone shouting from one of the other beds. Turn of the light, be quiet, followed by some swear words and ” you not social”, all addressing the Dane. The light actually went out and I fell asleep again. The noise from the bar or restaurant under our open window continued. At 02:30 at night I wake up again, this time because, again a southern type of guy is yelling at me. Apparently I was lying in his bed. I say, how can I know? There was nothing in or on the bed. He again: you can still see that someone slept in it. That counts for all the beds I said. Of course he could have just taken another bed, but not in the mood to cause more trouble with such an excitable guy (alcohol?) in the middle of the night, I climbed into another bed. I didn’t care a bit and I fell asleep again immediately. Until again some moments later the Dane rolls up the blind to shut the window because of the noise outside. This action itself made a lot of noise too. What kind of moran is this Dane?? The now closed window also had another disadvantage, because I had turned on the heating to dry my washed underwear. Now there was less noise, but we went crazy  of the heat. At 6.30 a.m. I had to go to the bathroom. I dragged my backpack and stuff right away to the hallway,  packed up everything without disturbing the others. The strange Dane proves to be roaming around the hallway too, saying that the bringing my stuff out of the room had not been necessary, and  with a lot of noise he enters the bedroom again.

Half an hour too early I was in the breakfast room. That Danish weirdo is there there too. We sit together. He asks me, did you sleep well? Because of that noise outside, he meant. He wanted to help us, by closing the window with a lot of noise. He did not realize that he was at least as disturbing as the bar noise. I am now much used to noise, I explain to him. So I ask, whether he’s on vacation here. No, he says. I was in a shelter for the homeless, but I hated the use of lime and drugs. Now he was posted here, waiting what “society” would arrange for him next. Now I understood. In these centers is everything: displaced persons, homeless people, asylum seekers, homeless with a dog, like me and sometimes vacationers. Just because I am looking for the cheapest place to stay.
Today a day similar to yesterday. Up in the morning at 7.45. A little cold, nice weather during the day, constantly on the road (see photo), although I still could let Tosca run around free rather often. Photo. On Sunday morning, there is hardly any traffic. Tosca found a roll, later a thrown away bag still full of shawarma, then a meat sandwich, and finally a real deer leg: probably been hit by a car and likely the last one in Denmark, because here in Denmark I don’t see any, while in Germany I saw them daily. Photo. I had not brought a drink for this long day. One has to drag that all day. Along the way were some gas stations and I was then drinking. Photo.
Randers is a city at the water. The center is a totally modern, wide avenue, which might be nice if it were more sunny and if there would be more fun boutiques and restaurants. Now it made a rather dead impression. Photo.
Even before 5 pm
 I arrived at my youth hostel. There was no manager. The door was closed, but yesterday, when discussing on the phone, I got the door code. Room 18. It was indeed open. Fine, a room juist as little as in the old days when I was a student, only with four bunk beds. I feel at home. I put Tosca in the garden, because she was absolutely forbidden inside. But if that administrator has not yet come tonight, I’ll get Tosca inside anyway.
the four-storey building I meet three Syrian asylum seekers. One speaks a little English. They have been here from September. They immediately offer me food and I accept a small pizza-like dish. At the top floor I find a couple of young Danes, possibly homeless again ?? If I have time later I will chat a bit with them, but I still have to take care of Tosca, find a cheap place to eat in town, finish my blog, make some calls and go to bed early etc. etc.


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