Saturday July 25th 2015. Vuoma cabin 17-20 km. depending on the guide


Sneeuwveld. Tosca blij

Snow field. Tosca happy

Steenvelden. Voor Tosca geen probleem. Voor mij voorzichtig en langzaam lopen. Voor een paard ondoenlijk

Stone fields. For Tosca no problem. For me it means carefully and slowly walking. For a horse impossible.


Gisteren Gäskahut Vandaag Vuomahut. Morgen Dividalhut

Yesterday Gäskastugan (stugan is cabin), Today Vuomastugan. Tomorrow Dividalstugan

Selfie met Barbara

Selfy with Swiss Barbara
Water halen in rivier, benedenGetting water from the river, way down.

Muggenbeten in hals en, naar haar zeggen ook elders, maar dat heb ik niet gecontroleerd!, van Zwitserse Barbara

Mosquito bites at her throat and, as she says, also elsewhere, but I didn’t check that, of Swiss Barbara.

Today started again going 3 km. uphill along the Gaskasha river and then another 4 km. to the pass on the Coal’bmoai’vi mountain. Jee, what an exhausting experience, water, swamp, snow, hopeless stone fields (photo), smooth and even up there, mosquitoes. During my poor, fast lunch on a big stone, it began to storm. It hailed, later rain. I have lost my backpack cover a few days ago. But well, everything in my backpack is packed in plastic. I hope my stuff stays dry. I’ll make a fire tonight to dry everything. As a result, I’ll probably burn of the heat in my sleeping bag. Then simply open your sleeping bag, one might think. Indeed, but that yields extra mosquito bites. Nice, Lapland!

 Vuoma cabin. Tosca isn’t allowed in, but as I was all alone I let her come in anyway. Suddenly Tosca started barking again, like she often does, but this time she didn’t stop doing it. Visitors? Indeed: Barbara, Swiss, completely craved. Ich bin kaputt, was just about all she could say. I just used my last teabag for the second time to get my next cup of tea. I offered it to her, she gratefully accepted. I had another little piece of chocolate for her as a starter. I like to offer help and shelter to a dull, drenched, lonely 25-year-old young lady, with a piercing on her cheekbone,  So altruistic I am! Her shoes were soaked just like her clothes. In addition, mine had also gotten wet, because of all the steps in the swamp, but also because of the thunderstorm my pants got soaken wet all the way, causing the water to drop through my pants and socks down into my shoes. Work to do: lighting the stove. She had broken up with her friend 1.5 years ago. Is not really satisfied with her life at her 25th. She worked as an accountant. Was fed up with always sitting inside behind that computer. She came from a farm and wished that country life again. She took three months unpaid leave to trek 1000 km. through Lapland. Her neck and the rest were covered with mosquito bites, as though she had had the chickenpox. Photo. In exchange for my chocolate and my last teabag I received from her a cup of chocolate milk and a piece of ginger root. By submerging and immersing in boiling water, you get ginger tea. Not bad. We exchanged some revelations, ate together, talked a little and went to bed before 21:00 (each one’s own!). Anyway she had trouble with his hips, knees, deadly tired of all that walking uphill. Had to pause every minute. That pleased me. Because yesterday I thought, Harrie, are you getting old? But fortunately, I’m not the only one tired.

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