Saturday February 15 th 2015 carnaval-Sunday, Lalobbe, 24 km

The same story again: the weather, the road, possible encounters, arrival. I’m here in my room to arrange and plan from here to over there. Tuesday a delegation of our illustrious sports club wants to come and join me for 3 days. Only two women have dared to come along. Others do not know what they’re missing. But yeah, it is already difficult to find a place for me, you can imagine how hard it will be with a horse, a dog and a sports club (this is no order of importance). So I’m working like hell to find something. And during the weekend the ladies of my office will come. I must try to fit them all in my trip agenda. And question remains where to leave that horse. And if I don’t find anything? Then it does not work!
Anyway, there wego again: great weather, lots of deer and hares, I didn’t speak with anyone, no bars, quiet country roads and now I am in a very remote place, similar to my house in Cottessen, in a cozy old house. Horse Leon in the pasture with good grass, tied to a tree, Tosca sheltered under a canopy, at the timber and in a few moments I may join the lady of the house at the table. In addition, there are only cats here. She has a full bush of still black hair, while she already is over 50. How it is possible! Her hobby is singing. Sometimes groups of singers / choirs stay at her lodge and sing here together. I thought it better not to ask her to sing a song for me.
I’ m not very enthusiastic about the next two days of walking, because they are very long and uphill, downhill. Home is carnaval. There is no carnival here. A silent place.
In about two weeks I’ll be home on vacation. But people should also think at the Charitee, charity, for which I walk, viz. Mama Alice operates in Peru through our Dutch, Noorbeek Frederique Kallen, who with her organization, makes efforts to offer street children a better future. One of these days I’ll cross a country-frontier again. If everyone agrees to donate to Mama Alice one eurocent for every km. that I walked in France, then at least I do not walk for the buck his horns and for the dog’s tail. On the opening page of my website is indicated how to donate.
A Dieu. Next time more…
[Caption id = “attachment_4323” align = “align none” width = “300”] Still some snow in the French Ardennes Still some snow in the Ardennes  pretty villages and beautiful churches along the road pretty villages and beautiful churches along the road Always the same guy jumps in the picture Always the same guy jumps into the picture

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