Saturday August 22nd 2015. Going home in camper. Alta Strand Camping

bare trees/bushes.

Op de terugweg

On the way back.

Karige begroeiïng op de toendra

Little growth on the tundra.

Tosca zoekt naar rendieren op de toendra

Tosca looking for rendeer on the tundra.

Landschap tussen Skaidi en Alta

Landscape between Skaidi en Alta.

Uiterst magere berkenbossen

Did it change you? No. Does one change much after 30? You grow out, but changing?
A couple is getting married. She thinks, I’ll change him. He thinks: I hope she will never change. Both turn out to be wrong.
But certain things are emphasized, some things I understand a little better. And every new insight leads to more curiosity.
Back at home I’ll pick up the things I was doing before, but only some sharp edges must be shaved or some small gaps filled in.
My blog will be improved with themes and will get more depth in the coming years. About the trip I want to make a powerpoint projection. Rudi makes a movie. Many things I met on my way demand further searching, reading, studying, googling, talking or visiting again. And from one subject one edhances to another. So, plenty of dynamics for the years to come.
Girlfriend Marij’s father wrote interesting memoirs and died shortly after. Friend Peter’s father finished his studying and recording Indonesian languages ​​just before his passing away. It made their last years worthwhile. I hope not to be living my last years, but having a purpose is an important motivation to go for.
As long as I’m on my way, I’ll continue my blog as a diary. That’ll be a couple of weeks more, but whether it’s still interesting from now on? Or worse.
This morning I heard from Rudi that he received a lot of comments on his facebookpublication of my blog. I did not know that. Nice. Only, I hope that people realize that I do not see those reactions on Rudi’s facebook page “on verra”. I’m making a point of answering all the responses to my own blog, but I’ve never answered those reactions on Rudi’s facebook of “on verra,” because I’ve never seen them. That’s Rudi’s facebook page, not mine. To be clear.
We drive back with the camper southwards to “my” camping in Alta. The Croatian at the front desk was super friendly. You can use my bike for free, he offered. Well, that’s easy. The weather is incredible: even hot because there is no wind. Strange enough, there have been no mosquito’s since many days. We sit outside without a shirt.

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